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This is a and precise statement from the gods’ selfishness, and in the context in the story of Zeus’ particularly. There is no various other reason presented to his desire to keep open fire away from humankind; it is not out of a advisable and protector fear of fire’s destructive capabilities, nor because of something work in the incredibly essence of fire that is not being sullied simply by human hands, but only because it is section of the “stuff of life, inch and the gods do not think that sharing. It can be one more method by which Zeus can feel superior to man, even though this type of small selfishness will not be very turning into to the ruler of gods in the Traditional pantheon, developer of thunder and lover of swans, it is certainly appropriate for a villain.

So , as well, is the genius with which Zeus goes regarding punishing human beings for Prometheus’ stolen present. He would not simply strike all males dead, or perhaps create a terrible monster to roam the land consuming livestock and trampling kids. Instead, this individual has a girl created with enormous beauty, skill as a weaver, and the “morals of a bitch” (line 76). This is Pandora, who was literally shaped out from the earth by simply Hephaistos, well-informed by Athene and Aphrodite, and given her meaningful fortitude (or lack thereof) by the adjustable and flighty Hermes. With this reputation, it is scarcely surprising the beautiful Pandora leaves her weaving on the earliest opportunity to open the box she was forbidden to even peek inside, as a result releasing all kinds of evil an strife in the world. It is also unfortunately unsurprising that this is a method Zeus uses to punish human beings for all time.

By having Pandora be the explanation of the release of evil, Zeus equipped him self with two very important words – possible deniability. Even though he had complete knowledge of the box of evils and of Pandora’s nature – as the girl had been produced at his express control and in respect to his explicit directions – they can claim that he previously nothing to carry out with publishing all of the turmoil and badness in the world by pointing the finger at Pandora. In this way, Zeus is able to abdicate almost all responsibility. After selfishly withholding fire by mankind and petulantly over-reacting when Prometheus managed to sneak it earlier him and bring big t to the community anyway, Zeus is still capable – once again through his ingenuity – to avoid most direct responsibility for the problem. This is the third and last sign of his villainy, as it was with all the Air State of mind and Mugulu – not simply did this individual behave in dastardly and villainous techniques, but this kind of villainy is actually compounded simply by denial of his own responsibility in the matter.


The cultures that developed these myths in the Americas, Africa, and Europe had been very different, as the myths that they created show completely different views on the planet in some elements. In other elements, however , they are really largely the same. Though villains and villainous behavior may be a strange area in which to get a common floor with other civilizations, the commonalities in the villains detailed above demonstrates how similar and common these things really are. It is not only in our good qualities yet also within our bad we humans happen to be truly a single

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