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At present, teenagers reside constantly surrounded by technology. Even if the younger technology may not notice it, technology has received an impact on different factors. The widespread usage of digital technology in the music industry has allowed customers to recreate digital variations of copyrighted songs inexpensively, with the help of many software and websites.

There have been an increase in digital copying activities and those happen to be most of the time believed responsible for producers’ loss in revenues. Although some people declare that the increase of digital technology has killed the music industry, the truth is it has lead to innovation and new ways of consuming and sharing music, such as iTunes or YouTube. The growth of download and exchanges of music will be held responsible for the loss of music sales since the end of the 90s.

Information and communication solutions, and especially Internet, improved the logic of usage and the means of producing music. The music industry has been carressed since 2k by a turmoil and the companies representing this kind of industry prefer to claim that internet users who will be exchanging personal copies through peer-to-peer networks are to blame for this crisis. Peer-to-peer systems are sites where users act as both suppliers and consumers from the content. The file-sharing, and peer-to-peer, website Napster surfaced in 1999 and since then, music sales in the us of America have lowered 53%.

Yet , the American government is definitely fighting against those file-sharing websites as well as of them were seized, including LimeWire in October 2010. One of the biggest difficulties for the background music industry was to deal with the invention of the MP3 file. This file came to life between mil novecentos e noventa e seis and 99 and since then, piracy became more and more crucial. The MP3 FORMAT file permits people to conserve files in computers and to share music with any individual in the world. It led to the creation of music writing software, such as Pirate These types of or LimeWire.

The Record Industry Relationship of America (RIIA) proved the effects of technology on the music industry by showing on their website the along with the overall scale the sound documenting industry within the last 10 years. Certainly, in 1999, its size was $14, 584. 5 billion dollars and in 08, it was only $8, 480. 2 billion. Moreover, among 2004 and 2009, it is known that 30 billion music have been intend to downloaded.

Consequently , the Record Industry Association of America estimates that piracy causes an annual damage of $12. 5 billion dollars in loss to the United states of america only. Furthermore, the Start for Insurance plan Innovation pegs more than 75, 000 shed jobs and $2 billion in shed wages to American staff. However , individuals are macroeconomic factors plus the positive effects of technology happen to be overtaking the negative kinds.

Indeed, digital technology has created new medias. YouTube affords new ways to consume, create and share music and it includes put in the spotlight a lot of artists. For example, well-known performers such as Esmee Denters and even Justin Bieber have been discovered thanks to this multimedia. Moreover, Vimeo is the third most visited website in the world behind Google and Facebook and 100 several hours of video are published to YouTube every minute. One of the main facts to bear in mind is that Vimeo are paying artists and music labeling thanks to 1, 000 of promoters using TrueView in-stream.

Certainly, Google promises that free music creates as much funds for the background music industry because paying for it. Google Inc. unveiled during the Midem, a annual event specialized in the music market that Vimeo has paid for more than captal up to $1 billion to music rights holders over the past couple of years. Moreover, Chris Maxcy, YouTube director of content relationships, said that YouTube’s larger music partners on the website are making huge amount of money per month. Yet YouTube does more than permitting artists amateurs or professionals to share their very own creation; in addition, it gives them the chance to obtain feedback prove work.

Without a doubt, viewers can comment and rate videos. Moreover, performers are after a unique title: the VEVO record. VEVO is a joint venture of Universal Music Group, Google (which owns YouTube), Sony Music Entertainment and Abu Dhabi Media.

The VEVO record is given to the artist who gets the top number of views in twenty four hours. When a music video contains a lot of views, artists are guaranteed that their very own music will be displayed on radio and it is going to promote a lot. The holder with the record is currently Miley Cyrus with the music Wrecking Ball.

Indeed, her music online video received 19 millions views in its initial 24 hours. The song was launched on September 25, 2013 and as of January 2014 Wrecking Ball has sold three , 000, 000 copies in the United States. The song debuted on the Billboard Warm 100 in number 55 but it soon became number one after the discharge of the questionable music online video, which shows the impact of YouTube within the music market.

Furthermore, the American music magazine Billboard added U. S Vimeo data to its system, which means that it is currently a factor in to the chart’s ranking: it joins digital down load track product sales and physical singles product sales. ITunes created the first legitimate digital music store that competed with piracy. In April 28, 2003, Apple released the iTunes shop. The music market had finally an application to earn money from someone buy of digital music, following years of experiencing the power of Napster and piracy. Steve Careers created a fresh link between your artist as well as the customer.

Indeed, instead of having to go to a store and having to get an album just to get 1 specific song, customers can now pay only 99 cents (1, 29$ in some case) to listen to a track. Steve Jobs thought that music lovers prefer to pay 99 cents a song whether it was less difficult than taking the song; he was proper. Indeed, iTunes has more than 500 , 000, 000 users in 119 countries and more than 25 billion songs can be found. It is also declared that more than 15 000 downloads are made for each minute.

Independent brands and designers can also contend with the majors, as iTunes gives promotional space together with the major product labels if you present great music. iTunes in addition has helped musicians develop ways to promote their very own music. At present, artists generate most of their money by visiting and advertising music upon iTunes is known as a way to advertise for a travel. For example , a pop-artist lately launched the concept of music Monday: each Wednesday, and for 15 weeks direct, the artist would set a new sole (1, 29$) on iTunes to advertise for his motion picture. It empowered the musician to make more cash than he’d have made if he launch the tunes in an recording. As a matter of fact, iTunes offers many ways to keep the music industry above water.

Even though digital technology has had bad effects around the music sector, new devices appeared and helped the background music industry. Without a doubt, although it invested some time for the industry to adapt, technology led to enhancements and new ways of consuming music. The music industry and digital technology are actually dependent on each other.

Nowadays, the industry is stimulated bless you to the competition created by simply Spotify and even Soundcloud, which will enables to display music and protect terme conseille for free or perhaps at a very low price. Bibliography [accessed 18 January 2014] [accessed 01 January 2014] [accessed 01 January 2014] [accessed 22 January 2014] [accessed 02 January 2014] [accessed 02 January 2014] [accessed twenty-eight January 2014] [accessed 4 January 2014] [accessed nineteen January 2014] [accessed 3 February 2014] [accessed 7 January 2014]

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