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Our homepage is integrated of Aesthetically design and style and Functionally design. All of us emphasis on the look-and-feel in the site because hotel needs heavy visible element, so we make use of colorful and mostly green theme much like our motel theme, it gives nature, nice, fun, and comfortable feelings like home (En Casa) and shows green hospitality that individuals practices. Moreover, our target audience is more in leisure travellers, we demonstrated pictures of the luxury resort. Beside the looks, we as well emphasis features, we use linking composition and nav tools which in turn facilitate the users moves through the sites.

Like when people go to our website and select “Our Global Home, it should take them to the list of all Sobre Casa Hotel and Places properties around the world, so they can conveniently access to right now there and have a look.

Content This article of our website is offering combine dimension which means we incorporate products, information, and companies altogether. All of us show the rooms types, pictures after which we give information about the rates and facilities, we also set information about the restaurant retailers, spa services, meeting & event and everything services that people offers into the homepage and so people who interested can easily try to find our details.

Community Sobre Casa allows their client to have a account with these people whereby they can put their particular information and the preferences whenever they stay in En Odaie and to provide a feeling of account in our group. We also have Facebook and Twitter bank account whereby persons can subscribe to us and also have interaction among site users. Our home page is following Non-interactive Connection type, each of our site gives static information and only enables unidirectional connection with them.

Customization Sobre casa has the capacity to customize itself to each consumer. It has two dimension of customization, is personalization, it indicates when a person come to En Casa webpage, they can choose his or her preference language, and next period he/she go to our web site using same device, it will eventually automatically set the language, they no need to swap it again. The second dimension is usually tailoring simply by site, our software dynamically posts unique types of the internet site to address particular user’s hobbies, habits and desires more correctly based on earlier user behavior. For example once last period our customer already ordered a suite area with a gathering limousine via airport, when he is booking another area with us, we will inquire whether they want a pick-up limousine again.

Connection How the communication performs is transmit, which means visible information exchange from firm to end user. Broadcast communication can be in the form of mass emailing, FAQ, email newsletters, content-update reminders and broadcast events. We utilized One-to-Many, Non-Responding User, internet site messages are announcements that users acquire without needing to respond. It is whenever we announce each of our upcoming events and special offers into each of our webpage. All of us also used One-to-Many, Answering User, Site messages will be invitations to users to transmit their comments and answers. It is once our guests can give their particular feedbacks to our webpage or perhaps through TripAdvisor that linked to our webpage.

Connection Sobre Casa connection dimension is usually Pathway of Connection, which will refers to backlinks to access more information. And the type is Pathway-out-links cause the user to completely quit our internet site to go to one other website nevertheless the content is still talk about each of our hotel. All of us applied this kind of to Facebook or myspace page, Tweets page and in addition Trip Consultant. They can look for our details there, intended for Trip Advisor, they can book our place too.

Business What we “sell on our webpage is usually our En Casa Motel & Resort’s rooms, the facilities just like F&B shops, spa, and in addition meeting areas. For Business Archetypes, all of us applied Directory Pricing, which means the price of services and goods are pre-specified by us. Through the website, they can have booking and do payment in advance because we provide payment facilities just like credit card or debit greeting card.


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