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In both Head of the family of the flies and Pollock and the Porroh man the endings the two leave un-answered questions with fairly obvious answers in Pollock plus the Porroh man but they are not so clear in Lord in the flies. In both testimonies there are big similarities in themes but set in a completely different framework, in both stories we have a large recommendation to nasty in individuals but how we cant find it.

The fact that some people can’t see it ‘s the reason they conclude killing others or themselves, unfortunately for others like Bob in God of the is knowing and being enlightened about the evil has the same affect as not being aware of. He was viewed as an outsider and was killed as a result of it. Pollock sent himself insane not so sure that the wicked was in him not following him. His more stunning and terrible Even though Pollock dies it really is seen as a getaway from his fears and bad dreams.

In the Master of the flies they are basically rescued this really is an escape intended for the males especially Ralph, although both have escaped following that initial worries where they have escaped to, Ralph as well as the boys possess escaped in to a war which is probably in the event that not defiantly worse than the island. Pollock has escaped in to fatality but is definitely death much better than living in fear, plus and what will lie in wait for him in loss of life will his old sins be lying in wait for him to return and torture his soul. After all this individual did devote cold bloody murder on the Porroh man will he always be waiting for him ready to consider his cold-hearted revenge upon Pollock.

These are my viewpoints for this very little part of the stories but this is the affect is definitely has on me; it leaves you wanting to know what could end up being, and might happen. The affect of Pollock eliminating himself which has a steal blade has a impression of irony around this as in the beginning the Porroh man is attempting to eliminate Pollock having a iron dagger which is more or less the same thing, it truly is as if the Porroh gentleman got his revenge whether or not its not really literally him.

In the background plus the foreground of both tales there is a lots of violence, all the way up though God of the lures there is a theme of competition and violence, at the beginning there is just a slight 1 and this because shown by Jack planning to kill the pig nevertheless his mindful comes in to try out and he cant provide himself to kill this. Closer to the finish the book shows the way the island made Jack serious and identified not irritated about what this individual does or perhaps Kills See? See? That’s what you’ll get! This was stated in response to Piggys fatality, showing simply no remorse is a singe of true savagery that has quickly progressed throughout the story.

In Pollock as well as the Porroh guy the assault is at the beginning thought and at the very end in the form of him getting rid of himself. It might not seem that but also in the middle of the book we have a small amount of violence when he sets at the puppy. There is also competition in this book at the incredibly start exactly where they are both following your same females. There is a long lack of vision at the ends of equally books, in Lord with the flies towards the end the General has no idea what has happened and is therefore short sited that this individual don’t possibly think of the probabilities that may include and performed happened.

In Pollock plus the Porroh person Pollock is unsucssesful to see his own demons and the bad inside of him, this is what has destroyed him mentally completing him away in life. In both literature there is a theme of isolation, Pollock has been still left as a loner because non-e will imagine what he sees mainly because its bushed his mind. In Master of the flies at the end Ralph is remote because Piggy is dead and all the mediocre are a a part of Jacks group, leaving him to fends for himself for a brief while ahead of the very end.

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