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During “The Glass Menagerie” Tn Williams creates an complicated dynamic between the three key characters, along with symbols and symbolic terminology in order to display the fragility of livelihood. Without a solitary one of the people of the Wingfield family the other’s lives would be drastically different. Very much as the collection of goblet menagerie would not be similar collection devoid of one of its items.

As many collectors know the existence or absence of one item can substantially change the worth of the whole collection. Therefore also is children unit, as you member influences the others, that they form an identity they turn to be accustomed to and sometimes cling to. Amanda exemplifies just how vital it is that a family members unit stay loyal.

Following Mr. Wingfield disappeared her life has turned into a constant have difficulties in order to endure, a far cry through the Blue Hill setting she idolizes in her earlier. Amanda signifies a demise, but she also symbolizes travel for her kids, encouraging Laura to flower into something which they can both be pleased with and encouraging Jeff to keep his job and support his family till they can fend for themselves at least.

Laura symbolizes fear and instability through the first five functions. She failed out of her school, that was a hope for a much better future, because of her fear and doesn’t let herself actually make an effort to engage in cultural interactions for fear that she will become inadequate in another’s eyes. Without Laura to have a pity party for and complete Tom probably would have still left Amanda on her own in Mr. Wingfield’s footsteps a long time ago.

Tom symbolizes unrest and boredom, yet he likewise provides the funds and balance for the family to keep living in it is present state. Though Ben is apprehensive he continue to gets in the morning and performs his duties with the knowledge that he is a vital member of all their family product, or the best piece inside the collection. The moment Tom and Amanda’s deal with breaks a number of the pieces of the Glass menagerie it is a symbol of the disregarding of a family members unit, which makes it less valuable. As the pieces are easy to break thus is the connection that holds the family jointly as Mr. Wingfield demonstrated how easy it was to separate this bond.

As Ben distances him self the strength of the bond turns into less and less good and it is simply a matter of the time before that breaks in case it is not mended.

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