The life and fight against slavery of john brown

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Ruben Brown

John Dark brown (1800-1859) was a man decided to fight against slavery. His method of fighting demonstrated throughout his life through armed struggle, financial support and monetary gift of property for slaves, despite the economic troubles that he had with his family. One of the important incidents in the background associated with Ruben Brown was the raid on Harpers Ferry. This event occurred in 1859 and was an effort to start an armed slave commotion simply by seizing a US toolbox at Harpers Ferry in Virginia. In my point of view John Brown was a main character because he was active in the deal with against slavery at a time the moment most people had been in favor (in 1790 the state of Virginia reported about 300, 000 slaves1. By 1860, 75% of white family members owned much more than 1 slave2).

Many persons, including me personally, believe he is a martyr/hero because he was willing to risk his lifestyle for the reason for ending captivity in the U. S. He placed his life in danger to help slaves in many situations like the attack on Harpers Ferry, where he and 21 years old other males tried to free and arming the slaves. Brown assumed that these equipped slaves might then become a member of his military and free even more slaves3. At that time Darkish was busted and tried for treason, to be finally sentenced to death simply by hanging. The very fact that he was willing to die, and in simple fact so occurred, makes him a Hero in my point of view. A reason why I really believe he is a hero is basically because at the time he did not have much more decision than the usage of violence3, although I think his ways of supplying his suggestions to people might possibly not have been the best. We have to keep in mind that it was certainly not until the mid-1850s that Dark brown committed himself to overthrowing slavery by simply force. Before that, this individual attempted to make use of reason, donating land, economic support for the cause, between other nonviolent tools. In respect to Mintz “factors connected with this enhancements made on attitude could possibly be related to a convergence of private and politics factors, together with a series of personal misfortunes, let-downs, and tragedies.. Meanwhile, the political crisis over captivity intensified and after a prolonged amount of vacillation, Dark brown decided to forsake the material world, largely abandoning his plantation, his business ventures, and even his wife”3.

One more why I do believe that John Brown may very well be a hero is that he participated in the creation of your anti-slavery movement that transcended life and death, changing into a benchmark for all people who believed that slavery should be abolished in the area. In 907 Eugene Debs wrote, of all the abolitionists Dark brown seemed the “spirit incarnate” of revolution”4.

Many persons consider Ruben Brown a terrorist due to his serious use of assault. His failure to cope with the suffering of others drove him to the contrary behavior of inflicting discomfort to stop soreness. Many persons believed that many his eliminating was unnecessary, and I fully grasp this point of view, yet I also believe it was pretty much in order to back during that time to let persons know what having been doing, for making himself praised for his trigger, and to bring hope to folks who were nonetheless suffering captivity. Some even brand name him because the “first Americas terrorist” due to the terror that people were being attacked simply by him and his army5. There exists a current that argues that John Darkish was emotionally ill, as he claimed to obtain been delivered by Our god to end captivity, which could explain in a way that used violence3. I agree that his tendencies at the moment was extreme we need to keep in mind that the benefits in the long run were greater.

In conclusion, I think Steve Brown was obviously a hero because he was certain that slavery was wrong and fought against with all the methods they had currently happening to make that disappear, leaving a legacy that extended fighting till slavery was finally removed in America.

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