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The poem ‘Siren Song’ might be believed to indicate an appealing woman who may have no honnête. This could be alluded to, since the term ‘siren’ might be showcasing a feigning and insincere female aiming to manipulate a person. On one hand, the poem could possibly be interpreted together, which quietly complains regarding women generally, as Atwood claims which the song ‘forces men to leap’.

Through generalizing ‘men’, the poet naturally sets apart the two sexes in order to convey that nobody man is definitely individual, much like women.

As opposed to this idea, the likelihood of Maggie Atwood publishing so negatively about her own gender is thin. Additionally , one more perspective of the poem could possibly be taken where Atwood hints at her requirement for revenge in men and how they are shallow and unchangeable.

The undistinguishable characters in the poem insinuates that there is several time in that this ‘siren song’ could be being sung and how tedious it can be.

‘It works every time’ could express the idea that some women experience the monotony of men. Also, as a result of it being the last phrase, it seems that the song on a regular basis ends in a negative way, much like her feasible view of relationships because they work for a little while and then they end suddenly.

A strategy, which refers to the idea of men becoming the adverse influence within the poem, is usually rhetorical questions. ‘Will you receive me away of this chicken suit? ‘ could stress Atwood’s idea that guys are ” light ” and care only about the looks of any woman. The ‘bird suit’ may represent the outside natural beauty of a woman and the within the suit may represent the personality, which usually she may see as similarly or more beautiful.

The use of a rhetorical question exhibits the invisible secrets and several unanswered questions within a marriage. The personal pronoun ‘you’ may make the personality feel exclusive and the most critical power in a relationship, which would definitely speak how attractive the ‘bird suit’ is usually.

The poet person uses irregular structure and rhyme to portray the ‘siren’s’ monotony with the dreariness of the tune. Enjambment such as ‘I don’t enjoy singing//this trio’ communicates the lack of importance and personality between every single man that they sing that to mainly because no sentence in your essay has a distinct line.

This can symbolize every single man metaphorically molding as one because Atwood may see all of them as having the same annoying, which always havea destructive incitement. ‘Fatal and valuable’ will be two adjectives utilized after the line alter. This may screen the song’s regrettable yet necessary revenge on men because they have two juxtaposing tones.

Atwood, though debatably trying to present men while the unwanted beings in the poem, uses imperatives, which may be construed in more than one way. ‘Come closer’ displays a ‘siren’ trying to jump on a man. The application of seductive imperatives contradicts the responsibility being positioned only upon men. Possibly the repetition of both words and phrases having tough sounding ‘Cs’ creates the chance that Atwood wishes to create focus on the brief sentence. She might do that to accentuate the theory that women truly feel resent and bitterness regarding having to end up being seductive to acquire a man’s attention.


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