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Greed can sometimes be brought on by wanting cash, a better romantic relationship, a better property, life, and other things. Most of these have in e part of common, needing more than you already have.

The big brother in “The Scarlet Ibis”, for example , desires to live with an improved brother, and so he wonderful brother find it difficult to live jointly. Some people do not realize they have greed until it’s too late. Avarice will always injure people in the end, because they will refuse to give in, it hurts other people, and it can change history.

In “The Most Dangerous Game”, equally Zaroff and Rainsford experience greed since they refuse to give in. At first, Rainsford attempts to get nearer and closer to the edge of the boat to see, and eventually he falls off, and this is greedy as they keeps looking to see more and more, until it ultimately makes him fall off the boat. Next, when Zaroff satisfies Rainsford, he admits that he hunts humans, because regular pets or animals do not confront him using a big enough concern, and Rainsford defeats Zaroff and gets to survive. This is greedy as they wants to quest more and more, before the point that this hurts him, because Rainsford got aside without being harmed.

Lastly, while the hunt is usually taking place, Zaroff gets money grubbing by sending out Ivan to take care of Rainsford, but then due to this, Ivan gets killed. This is greedy because he wants to send as much by Rainsford as is feasible, but what this individual sends ends up getting slain. In “The Scarlet Ibis”, the older brother experiences greed when it hurts other people.

The first sort of the older brother experiencing avarice in this tale is needing a buddy in better condition, although because of this, this individual thinks fewer of his brother, and struggles to have with him. The next example of the big brother experiencing greed was when he forced his brother to touch the coffin, and he held telling him over and over again to touch it, and the brother finally do, but then it hurt younger brother as it made him cry. This is greedy as they wants his brother to complete more and more, until it finally finally damages him in the end.

The last sort of greed which the older brother experience was when he was running from his brother in the storm, after which the little sibling fell, and when the big brother came back, he realized the limited brother experienced died. It was greedy because his brother didn’t believe it would be since severe of any turnout since it actually was. In “The Sound of Thunder”, Eckels greatly experience greed and it changes history.

1st, Eckels wants to go into the previous to look a prehistoric, because he wants to hunt a massive animal, yet this does not assurance he will keep coming back alive. This is certainly extremely greedy because he wants to hunt more and more, until he eventually improvements history simply by going back with time. The second time Eckels experience greed can be when he considers he can easily take down the dinosaur when he sees that, but then because of this he actions off the route, and this can be greedy as they then methods off the way and improvements history because he wanted to look the prehistoric.

The last period Eckels activities greed is when he actions off the path, he then changes history and improvements it permanently, and this is definitely greedy, because he wanted to search a bigger and better animal, but then the consequences were extreme. Changing history, hurting other people, and refusing to give in are ways that greed will usually hurt you in the end. Avarice causes various problems in “The Scarlet Ibis”, “The Most Dangerous Game”, and “The Sound of Thunder”. When the people in the stories activities greed, additionally they experiences the results.

When people experience greed multiple times, they will ultimately experience the consequences. This can happen by wanting more than words, or wanting someone to do something. Every person probably will experience greed in their lives, but if they don’t experience this multiple times, they may not be presented with the consequences.

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