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In “The Piece of String” a short story simply by Guy Para Maupassant, the main character is a peasant named Maitre Hauchecome. Maitre Hauchecome was a cheap, innocent and offended guy.

A poor person from Breaute, Maitre Hauchecome was a cash conscious Norman who also believed that everything using a purpose ought to be picked up and saved. His outlook on life wound up costing him his popularity. An �pith�te that could be used to describe him would be frugal. Maitre Hauchecome was not wasteful or magnificent.

He spent his funds sparingly, and was very economical. He turned out this when he bent right down to pick up the piece of string to save although it was irritating to him as they suffered of rheumatism.

Along with being cheap, Maitre Hauchecome was likewise innocent. Maitre Hauchecome had noticed the tiny piece of chain on the ground and picked up believing that someday it can be of a few use to him. The story of him allegedly stealing the purse was false since we know that he previously bent to only get the string.

He stated his innocence when he was speaking to others willing to listen to his story by saying, “What grieved me personally so much has not been the thing alone, as the lying. There is certainly nothing so shameful regarding be placed under a cloud on account of a lie. ” There, having been convince persons of his innocence and hoping that they would finally believe him.

A third adjective that could be used to describe Maitre Hauchecome is offended. Following being charged of stealing the bag, he became angry and hurt. He resented his accusers and former friends as his feelings became more and more wounded. He became distressed and confused on what this individual should do. An example of him when he was offended was if he said, “How anyone tell””how anyone may tell””such lies to take aside an honest male’s reputation!

How can anyone””” Regrettably, Maitre Hauchecome never redeemed his once good popularity. He wore himself out with ineffective efforts to try to win back his innocence. He began to waste materials away and took to foundation in 12 ,. Early in January, in the dying day, he nonetheless claimed his innocence. Cost-effective, innocent, and offended had been just a few of the many different adjectives that could be used to describe the indegent peasant that died because of some thing so simple as a piece of string.

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