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The seven regions are Asia, Australia, Africa, Antarctica, The united states, South America and Europe. It is seen that every continent includes a special form. Some of these prude are connected while the water separates others.


Asia being the greatest of the regions covers around one-third with the world’s total land location. Asia is known for its great size and incomparable personality. It stretches all the way east from Asia to the Southeast Arabian Peninsula, which is much more than 8500 kilometers away.

It is interesting to see the geographical formula of Asia. It includes the entire environment and area, be it the equatorial virgin forest or the arctic tundra. All of us also get to see the highest and the lowest parts of the Globe’s surface in Asia. The greatest being, Mount Everest (8, 848 meters) and the cheapest is the coast of the Dead Sea (397 meters below sea level).


Africa is the second largest in the continents, includes around 22% of the world’s land location.

The Equator intersects it as well as the expansive landmass covers the Sahara, which can be the world’s largest desert, and the Nile, the longest river in the world, as well as 53 nations. Most of Africa is actually a desert region. This region is basically broken into three areas, which are the North Plateau, the Central and Southern Level, and the Eastern Highlands. Including plains, swampy coastal regions, lush warm forests with Savannah’s and hilly base inland. It’s the home for a large number of exotic large mammals, that include the cows, giraffes, gazelles, elephants, hippopotamuses, and rhinoceroses, antelopes and carnivores such as lions, leopards, hyenas, and panthers. Africa is famous for is actually diamond, gold, uranium and copper mining.


The united states is around 2 times the size of European countries. It expands from the huge wintry environment of the Arctic regions towards the Yucatan Peninsula. America is sort of wedge shaped featuring a great exceedingly unusual coastline with many prominent just offshore islands, which includes Greenland, which is the largest island in the world. It truly is basically split up into five geographical regions. The North American wildlife was once considerable but following people startedinhabiting this area, the amounts have reduced. The large mammals include a great deal of bear, bighorn sheep, caribou, deer, elk, and antelope. Bison, which usually had a populace of about sixty million when, are now found only in protected herds.

The Gila monster as well as the beaded lizard of the southwestern United States and Mexico would be the only dangerous lizards on the globe. We also get to see a wonderful variety of seaside regions plus the freshwater water bodies of The united states. More than 1, 700 types of birds live and type on this place. North America provides large deposit of many essential minerals, which includes iron ore, copper, dime, and uranium. Coal is also found in asian and european Canada plus the United States. Planet’s greatest deposit of Petroleum and Gas are seen in the State of Mexico. Those are dispersed and United states is broadly diverse.


South America is a fourth most significant continent of the world although it includes less than 12% of the planet’s population. The Andes, world’s second largest mountain selection is seen in South America. The second largest river- Amazon likewise runs through South America. The lowland consists mainly of the Amazon Basin, which is covered in the equatorial region. These kinds of areas are of the rainy tropical climate and have a dense cover of virgin forest. The largest forest area in the world is seen in South America. South usa has different mineral assets, like gold, silver, straightener, bauxite, container, lead and zinc many of which have not really been thoroughly exploited.


Antarctica the sixth most significant of the areas, is ice bound during the year. Polar bears and finalizes, accompanied by a few invertebrates just like mites and ticks”the only land family pets that can tolerate the low temps, primarily inhabit it. The marine life is usually rich and it includes krill, a shrimp like affected person that is a meals source to get large numbers of whales in the encircling waters. Antarctica has no trees, flowering plant life, or solide. The rare vegetation is restricted to about 350 species, which typically encompass lichens, mosses and algae. Antarctica is a true desert due to its extreme frosty climate which makes it the very coldest, windiest, and driest country.

It’s conditions is around -50C (-58F), plus the land is usually swept byhurricanes and the total annual rainfall is only around 55 millimeters a year. This continent has no indigenous civilization but the United Kingdom, Norway, France, Down under, New Zealand, Chile, and Argentina have made territorial statements. Due to the local climate it makes it impossible for people to settle straight down here. A present critical environmental issue with regards to Antarctica is usually its ozone shield, which usually protects the earth’s area from hazardous ultraviolet rays. Measurements reveal that the ozone layer previously mentioned Antarctica has become reduced to a dangerous level.


The european union is the 6th largest with the continents. It is also conventionally known as “Europa. Continente europeo was the little girl of Phoenix az in Ancient greek language mythology. A few say it is possibly by “Ereb, a Phoenician term for sunset. The Ural Mountains, the Ural River, part of the Caspian Sea, as well as the Caucasus Mountains forms the key boundary among Europe and Asia. A lot of geographers likewise see the two continents as you and call this EURASIA. The european countries has a basically a gigantic pattern of drainage. The majority of streams circulation outward from the core of the continent. A multitude of mineral resources are found in Europe, including coal, petroleum and natural gas, copper, lead, and container.


Quotes is the tiniest of the eight continents. The interiors in the continent happen to be predominantly flatlands. The Southeast and the Southwest plains are definitely the most densely settled parts of Australia. The climate of Australia is variable, yet weather extremes are exceptional. The North part of Quotes has a monsoon sort of environment while in the south it is temperate. Australia is well known for it’s vast creatures with uncommon species and it is known as the terrain of the kangaroos. Aborigines are definitely the original residents of Quotes. Australians are known to offer an ethnic type of origin. One of the interesting highlights of Australia is the “Great Obstacle Reef, which is the world’s largest coral reefs reef.


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