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During Part 4 of Steinbeck’s new he seems to revolve a lot of the emotion with this chapter around one slight character, ‘the negro steady buck’ Criminals who locates himself a lonely guy in eager need of company but for shameful of his ethnicity to find anyone to talk to. This is very important to examine as it reflects to the reader what feelings Steinbeck thought of black people during his time and the way they must experience to be discriminated. To start with at the outset of the chapter, the first paragraph can instantly express the loneliness Crooks feels.

The fact that he lives by himself rather than with the ranch men because of his expected lack of correct tells us the fact that ranch men feel really wrong to come in contact with Criminals just because of his skin colour. This will make Crooks instantly seem like a sad and lonely character as they is unable to discuss his lifestyle and talk properly to people. Likewise the fact that he owns multiple-reading literature and the hacienda men will not show that he may always be the most intellectual person for the ranch nonetheless it still discriminated for it producing his mind a lost skill.

The next sign of emotion toward Crooks is definitely on the bottom of Page 67 when he alerts Lennie regarding entering his room, he says sharply, “You got simply no right to appear in my area. This here’s my room. Nobody got any proper in below but me”. Crooks performs this because of his lack of rights and those that he does have must be overlooked (like his room light, which Lennie was drawn to) and stay protective of otherwise he will stand for absolutely nothing in his currently lonely and unnecessary existence (in his opinion).

However , he makes pauses in his speech to hint to Lennie that he secretly wants business but continues to be wary of a white mans presence (little does Criminals know that Lennie is too naive to discriminate). Later on Site 70 and 73 when Crooks leads to to Lennie about his childhood on his father’s farmville farm, he turns into reminiscent of when he used to enjoy along with the white kids without having to be teased or perhaps excluded to get his skin-colour and this shows to the audience that Criminals misses individuals old days and longs so they can have remained true, to be of equal status with all the ‘other’ people yet really an unachievable goal.

The truth that Criminals, ‘went about dreamily’ when returning to his childhood on-page 73 makes the reader realise that his memories are the only point that keeps him mentally going because of his longing to come back to the ordinary and similar life he used to live.

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