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Inside the novel Of Mice and Men, George and Lennie demonstrate a large number of qualities of friendship. 3 qualities that can help cultivate a sincere camaraderie are intelligence, bravery, and selflessness. Alexander Fleming was a biologist who also lived from 1881 to 1955. Even though his early education, fantastic achievements in his research, this individual lived your qualities of intelligence, braveness, and selflessness, and therefore could have absolutely designed for a very true friend. Alexander Fleming demonstrated much brains in his early life after he was transferred to the Kilmarnock Academy.

This individual entered the school when he was twelve years old and only slept there for just one year. During his early and later education, Fleming greatly enjoyed competition with other people. He constantly scored in or near the top of his class and evidently without much work. Years afterwards, he impressively completed his medical research in 1906 and was qualified becoming a doctor through the same season.

He decided to continue to his research and accepted work at St

Mary’s as a jr assistant. This individual also continuing his education and studied at the London, uk University. In 1908, this individual earned his degrees and also received the London School Gold Honor. (“Alexander Fleming,  World of Anatomy) In accordance to Nicholas Bakalar, Fleming was an established biologist prior to his famous discovery of penicillin, great name first appeared in The Ny Times on May 18, 1922, seven years before any kind of news in the drug. Also, Fleming likewise showed intellect through the finding of Penicillin. In 1928, he uncovered this well-known antibacterial material and was bewildered if he noticed an unusual mold contaminant had inhibited the growth with the disease-causing bacteria that was grown on the plate.

Later he recognized the mildew as Penicillium notatum, that has been a very unusual organism. In the wonderful world of Anatomy, that showed that he was significantly recognized gegenseitig as: Fleming was knighted in 1944, and in 1945, along with Florey and Chain, received the Nobel Prize in medicine. Fleming subsequently acquired 25 honorary degrees, 21 medals, 18 prizes, 13 decorations, and honorary account in 89 scientific academies and societies. This demonstrates he was intelligent since he won a numerous amount of prizes and gained a lot of fame. Bravery was another important trait that Alexander Fleming experienced. When he was seven years old, his father died and he was forced to study many things by his individual. He also showed braveness because he went eight a long way every day to get to school thus he can get his education. “These long walks through natural environment may possess sparked Fleming’s interest in living inhabitants and also helped sharpen his critical observation skills. 

Fleming skeptically joined up with the military during Globe War I actually and dished up as a chief in the British Royal Armed service Medical Corps. When stationed in Boulogne, France, he worked within a wound research laboratory underneath the command of Professor Wright. Together, they will researched the usefulness of antiseptics in wound infections when aiming to cure their patients, that was an accepted treatment at that time. Fleming was crestfallen when he “found that antiseptics did more harm than good because they not merely failed to destroy all of the bacterias but likewise destroyed protecting white blood vessels cells (the body’s natural defense mechanism) thereby permitting infection to spread quicker.  After the discovery of penicillin, he earnestly confessed that it was a major accident but still tried to explain the importance penicillin to his fellow workers but was unable to effectively communicate the importance of his finding and was dejectedly rejected.

According to the document from the Regarding Anatomy known as Alexander Fleming, he was courageous because: His colleagues acquired little fascination because they thought it was simply another type of lysozyme, from a mold rather than mucus. Fleming cannot clearly share the essential difference among lysozyme and penicillin”that penicillin, unlike the former bacteriolytic agent, could hinder disease-producing bacterias. Although he knew having been bad for communicating, this individual tried anyways to show persons the importance of penicillin which it could preserve many people but was filled up with disdain when they didn’t believe him. Another personality attribute of Alexander Fleming was that he was incredibly selfless together with his research. Even though Fleming found out the cure for most diseases, he continued to research in order to find a remedy that was even more helpful, which bemused many people.

From the paper article, Fleming’s Unfinished, this showed that he was non selfish because: Fleming’s notebooks, however , show that he continuing working with penicillin throughout the thirties, even to the point when Florey and Chain started to be interested in this. During this period, Fleming isolated fresh airborne molds and checked out them for ability to create antibacterial real estate agents, and this individual also researched other samples of microbial antagonism, such as bacteriophages. He deduced an antibacterial compound was being produced by the mold, and named this penicillin. Following further analysis, he located that penicillin was nontoxic when placed in laboratory pets or animals.

Although Fleming was unable to purify and concentrate the substance, this individual continued to work alongside it to find other purposes of penicillin. (“Alexander Fleming,  World of Microbiology) Years after, he performed at St . Mary’s and was offered to Assistant Director in the Inoculation Section in 1921. “This department was renamed in 1948 as the Wright-Fleming Start. In addition , this individual held a post while bacteriology mentor at Greater london University coming from 1928 until his pension from educating in 1948. 

(“Alexander Fleming,  World of Anatomy) Fleming often put his research ahead of he did. He was famous and had a lot of fame and cash but still decided to complete additional research. Clearly, Alexander Fleming demonstrated intellect, bravery, and selflessness. Together with his research, a large number of people taken advantage of from his findings because they were healed of their illnesses, or various other sicknesses. Just someone with those characteristics such as Fleming could discover something as critical as penicillin. Should not we all take time to muse and consider the right way to befriend people as magnanimous as Alexander Fleming?


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