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America, each of our great country, is strong, powerful, and influential. Americans exemplify great values, selflessness, hospitality, as well as the American lifestyle. The mighty oak tree that stands taller, bigger, and older than all others greatest represents this kind of grand country. Each portion of the tree displays a element of our region. Shapely emerald leaves covering the tree symbolize the principles many Americans hold concerning themselves, others, and the nation. Leaves help the forest grow and flourish just as our worth of caring for our neighbours help all of us to bring together and become more fortunate as a whole.

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The pretty shade and distinct shape of these leaves make the tree more attractive and unique. Our values frequently differ from principles of various other countries because of cultural contrasts such as with religious, racial, and education issues. We offer much more freedom than a number of other countries do to those of different races and religions. As well, he carry education within a much higher regard than other countries. It is these kinds of differences which usually sometimes help to make our region seem more desirable to those of foreign lands. Without leaves in the planting season, the enormous oak would have no ways of nourishment and would pass away.

Our prevalent American values bind all of us together jointly unit as all the leaves work together to benefit the oak. Without one we would be millions of individual bodies aimlessly wondering about a common surface, and the country might fall to pieces. Therefore, there would be zero country as there would be zero tree. The lonely oaks long, gnarled limbs seem to reach out in terms of they can simply to touch one other tree. One limb extends to far towards the east until it finds a maple. Each of our brave troops fought inside the east to fend off the Czechoslovakians and Serbians coming from nearly defenseless Bosnia.

One other limb bends down and softly variations the fresh buds of a youthful sapling. Many Americans give a lot of their lives in South Africa for the Peace Corps to feel the lives and hearts of many villagers. Yet another arm or leg seems to branch out in almost all directions using its twigs reaching both along and lateral. Every year, metric scale system donate money to the Christian Childrens Fund where it can be then used to heal, supply, and inform poverty-stricken children all over the world. In the same way our twigs stretch out, so do our American arms to help those less fortunate. ere can be described as small , yet inviting opening in the front side of the oak tree. It gives protection for the squirrels and birds in the harsh elements.

Our region is the one which encourages religious freedom devoid of persecution for all ethnicities as well. Also, the cavity offers the animals a place to be free to live a life that they choose. In the united states, once a person becomes a citizen he/she can be free to always be who he/she is is to do what they will inside lawful explanation, creating a high quality of life. The hole gives a starting point intended for the pets or animals from which they may grow and move on.

When ever foreigners emigrate to our area, they begin small , tend to be given precisely the same chances to grow and stay successful users of society. For the animals, the opening is like all their ticket to a more prosperous and thus more enjoyable existence just as our country serves as a terrain of chance for so many less fortunate. Small acorns that are produced by the tree and those that sit on the ground represent the lives of Unites states youth. The mighty maple births many acorns with hopes that they can spring forth into fresh trees. Every few hours another child is born while using opportunity to be a functional part of our culture.

However , such as the acorns, a lot of do not make this. They simply pass away too early being something superb. The ones that make it will turn into our leaders of tomorrow. Once the acorns reach a certain age, they will fall for the ground separate from their your life line. A simple fact of yankee life, like all other your life, is that everybody that is created must die at one time or another. Birth without doubt brings loss of life. From the dropped acorns come new trees as if this were a miracle. In the cycle of life, fatality also delivers life. The elderly pass, allowing for place for the hopeful new generation to begin.

Like a group that hardly ever ends, your life goes on. Throughout the figurative photo of a spectacular oak tree with outstanding leaves, comprehensive branches, a cordial aperture, and complex acorns, we could take a look at the numerous positive aspects of our country and commence to appreciate what we should have in contrast to those who have nothing at all. It is usually the things we do not have we want, when we set out to appreciate what we do have, we stop looking so much for ourselves but for others to obtain more. That is perhaps the attribute of America that has produced us the greatest country in the world- the tallest oak in the forest.

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