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A hundred years form today we would end up being living underwater in a metropolis like Atlantis.

The 2 key factors which would have written for this situation could be the raising temps I. E global warming and UV rays. Because of this enormous change in way of life which were required to take place, a great many other scientific projects would be hung, like the space program by way of example. Most the scientific attempts would be aimed towards the improvement of man life underwater. Some people in the usa, Europe and Japan mainly chosen for their wealth, scientific ability and uniqueness could be the only persons allowed to reside in this Atlantis, as it would not be spacious enough to support everyone.

The remaining 4 billion people could eventually expire. The main source of oxygen for this Atlantis would be the algae, plus the predominant supply of food would be fish. A lot of the power might com coming from nuclear reactors. There would be simply no countries, because the U. S would be the only country which might have the economic and medical resources to make this Atlantis, as I mentioned before there would be this lapse in technological improvement for a certain period of time even as we adapt ourself to underwater life, even more over the injury created by simply technology My spouse and i. e. the destruction of our lifestyle on the land tends to make people mindful in checking out certain technological routes. Education would be the initial priority of this society.

Religious beliefs Ceremonies/ values would gradually be killed leading to small pockets of tyranny. When ever there are not any ceremonies to remodel you, to say to you you have to change, you get stranded, for example in the event that there were zero ceremonies for adolescence, you are trapped in life and in turn of changing yourself in a responsible adult you do prescription drugs. Cloning will be an option for parents, and many father and mother would undertake this way of having children creating genetically ideal children, but this method will be costly plus some people would like to have their children in the natural way, this would lead to immense differences between cloned and naturally given birth to humans.

Mainly because many persons cloned rich/famous people devoid of their expertise by obtaining their GENETICS from a large number of sources like garbage (tissue paper) and after that later claimed their property the constitution might me corrected to reject this right of gift of money. Pathogens could become more plus more resistant to medications. Robots can be heavily controlled predominantly because of the trauma that we mentioned of before. Software during this time, as a result of lapse in technological advancement will not be as complex as we would have thought, but sophisticated enough being highly governed by the federal government.

They would place self destruct codes inside the robot’s plan. Other than this kind of I believe this kind of Atlantis can be more of significantly less similar to the techniques for life in the U. S with tiny improvements in every imaginable discipline.

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