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‘True West’ portrays the downfall of the promised American dream; Mike Shepard shows the binary oppositions involving the characters of Austin and Lee – the trained American as well as the feral American. ‘True West’ exhibits the advantages of something “authentic” in a world that has neglected its the case meaning. The characters yearn for a perception of meaning to their lives as they struggle to achieve their dreams.

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Verse 1 presents a key facet of the play; the rivalry between the brothers. Lee explains to film producer Saul Kimmer the value of a “true to life western”.

The rapport between precisely what is real and what is not really is subjected as Lee reinforces the “real” facets of “contemporary westerns” “you find out he has died in the death of his horse”. Lee regularly reinforces the idea of a “true” western, dependant on real life, this explains his own search for his dreams and what he views real.

Passing 2 is exploring the sibling rivalry between your characters and their true character is uncovered.

Shelter attempts to write the program for his upcoming american, “I may hear it to my way of thinking but We can’t have it down on paper”. Unlike Austin texas who was educated in an Ivy League college Lee can be considered the misleading older brother who lacks worldly knowledge.

This is shown in passage 3 if he does not understand who Picasso is. Shelter also will not realize Austin’s attempts to ridicule him “those aren’t characters…those happen to be illusions of characters…fantasies of the long lost boyhood” Austin seizes the opportunity to further mock Lee, constantly criticizing his attempts to set his life right. Lee is usually not a carried away character, he has not been indulged by worldly pleasures he explains to Austin “I’d give en este momento half the money”.

Lee’s character can be contrasted with Austin’s; that has had the pressure and responsibility of manufacturing a film. “You gotta produce it now; you don’t create a winner on your first away they simply cut your mind off. That they don’t supply you with a second opportunity you know”.

Lee’s basic lifestyle illustrates that he’s not necessarily cheerful; nor is Austin tx who sacrifices his your life to join his brother in the desert. Mike Shepard compares the brothers’ situation and struggle to get freedom, in both instances and lifestyles they are every individually looking for a sense of meaning. Austin clarifies that the ‘Old Man’ attempted to disappear and “look in which that acquired him…he lost his teeth” but to more of an extent he lost a part of himself.

Passing 3 – moms returning from Ak is the final scene from the play. Similarly to her kids, she ventured out to locate herself and to search for what is “authentic”. Mother’s devotion and strong attachment to her vegetation demonstrates her search for what is real in her existence. “I started out missing my own plants” It is demonstrated that everybody is in need of some thing to confer with, something that enables them to complete a emptiness within themselves.

The wilderness is a theme that describes the real side of life, Austin texas and Shelter both believe the wasteland completes them, and allows them to be successful. It acts while the saviour and the method of escape; a location where the heroes find themselves.

The “American Dream” is another key factor to the enjoy of ‘True West’; America in its Statement of Freedom guarantees their citizens “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” to guarantee delight is hard within itself and this is definitely depicted inside the play. The characters will not find happiness; they are constantly searching for the “real” life style, where all their dreams happen to be attainable. Alternatively they are dropped, confused and they are continuously incompatible with themselves and those surrounding them.

Mom’s dependence on a to some degree authentic life is exposed when ever she echoes of Picasso. “You young boys will never believe that who’s in town…Picasso! ” Her hoping for meaning and something more to life triggers her to refuse the belief that Picasso is dead. “It’s the opportunity of any lifetime…we can all go lower and meet him…all 3 of us” The add-on of Picasso also dictates the ways through which Mom really wants to reunite her family, and together share a true connect.

Mom’s character similarly to regarding Austin’s and Lee’s is definitely searching for a sense of what is genuine; she has misplaced a part of himself. She uses her ‘plants’ and belief in Picasso to complete an empty emptiness within their self.  Shepards’ play represents just how society is becoming lost, and searching for the “authentic life”. The hunt for what is real is the one that many characters make; it is a symbolic theme that all characters believe is likely to make “life significant again”.


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