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While watching Through Hard of hearing Eyes, there have been a lot of things i didn’t think about before. For instance , when they began talking about just how even in deaf schools, African Us citizens were segregated from the rest of the white people I was a bit thrown off by this. When talking about this in history classes, I under no circumstances thought about segregating people two times?!

The hard of hearing community had been misunderstood together to have their particular schools and today the black deaf community had to be pushed out even farther? Idea started an entire new world for me. In my life, I absolutely have never been exposed to sign terminology before. I do believe I have simply met one particular real deaf person and he was around three and had a cochlear pelerine.

So , the deaf community has never popped into my mind when it came to items like this. I believe that one more big part of the movie, for me, was if the students coming from Gallaudet University protested against their new president since she wasn’t deaf. Once again, this is not a thing that I had never thought about before. It had been big once Obama 1st became director that was obviously a big turning point for America and also very moving.

I understand it was more important to the Dark-colored community because of the history and just how crazy that was for these people! Now, I realize I can’t relate to the deaf community but I really do understand that while an all-deaf university there ought to be an all-deaf staff, like the president. For anyone students to fight that hard and win just goes to show how dedicated they are really in preserving their community and not afraid to guard what they rely on and precisely what is right. I really like how proud and strong the deaf community is when it comes to standing up for themselves yet others. The last thing that I really liked which was truly the first thing, was your man inside the very beginning with the film.

I thought that it was a very powerful way to start. We regularly don’t think about what we claim before we say it and a comment just like, “Are you deaf?! ” isn’t always going to come out well for you in the end. That’s just like that, “That’s gay” comments that some people generate. I don’t like that expression and I do not repeat it.

I use an uncle who is gay and when We hear individuals kinds of responses I will more than likely say something about it. I know that if I ever made that oversight about the deaf brief review and a deaf person then asked me, “Are you hearing?! ” I would truly feel pretty humiliated and uncomfortable. I do declare that I thought that during the past, not ever considering it ever harming someone. I am able to say now, that I will never say that since it is just like calling something/someone gay and lesbian when you don’t mean it.

After watching this movie and especially given that I am taking this kind of class and learning a great deal about the deaf tradition, I know that I will learn much more now and be able to think with an additional angle.

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