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Milton did start to attend this College when justin was sixteen in 1625.

Previously he had discovered at the St Paul’s school. He genuinely appreciated the atmosphere at that school and intellectual level of his good friends. In contrast he felt very disappointed with university lifestyle, because of the fact that he couldn’t find similar friend as he had in his earlier university. He was an outsider and that’s so why he got a moniker from his fellow undergraduates ‘The Girl of Christ’s College” however in reality girls were not in order to study generally there. Even though this individual didn’t have got a good human relationships with his friends, he experienced that the tutors respected him.

It was interesting to read about everyday life at the school in seventeenth century. Students had to wake up early mainly because at five a. m. there was something in Church. At this College or university the faith based life was very important and that’s how come parents of John Milton sent him there. Lectures started in 7 o’clock after lunch break and done at 15.

30 a. m. There was clearly a evening meal at 11. 00 as well as the second service at 6 p. meters. just before the supper. In the mid-seventeenth century the free of charge main themes were taught at this University: logic, unsupported claims and viewpoint. In those days every students needed to learn the same subjects, there wasn’t any specialization and so they didn’t possess any decision. Students were also obliged to speak Latin.

They will didn’t have exams as it is nowadays but they had to produce speeches and debates. The slides gave me an thoughts about the university buildings and structures. The most than it was made of stone yet there were also some parts made of wood for example Rat’s Corridor which was intended for a students’ rooms.

I know that the university or college had a tiny library and a chapel. To sum up, due to this digital tour I had formed an opportunity to review the college or university life in mid-seventeenth century to the present one particular. In my opinion the education as well as the way of teaching and learning is completely different from Milton’s times.

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