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Considering that the dawn of civilization, scientific research or systematic study can be behind step-by-step progress to the present position. Technology has made a rapid stride in the 20th hundred years. From a pin to rocket, you observe the marvels of scientific research. Today science has become a part and courier of our existence. The invention of electricity is a landmark in the history of scientific invention. It includes brought about a revolutionary change in every spheres of human lifestyle. It has given us modern life of today in accurate sense of term.

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With the aid of the invention of telephone, telegraph and teleprinters, news and views are communicated from place to another within a very short time. Radio stations is of the latest invention, however it has previously worked magic. It has annihilated all distance. Television can be one of amazing things of science. It has allowed us to find the event, views, plays and so forth that take place at length from all of us. It is the most up-to-date way of communication and mass education.

The invention of rocket is yet another wonder of science. By making use of it, space travel is a huge reality. They have made authentic the imagine mans’ conquering the celestial satellite. Science has done great miracles in the field of medication and remedying of patients. Introduced of penicillin, various vaccines, x-ray, ultra-sonography and other latest methods for checking out has done innumerable benefit to man. Scientific research has also manufactured great break through in neuro-scientific agriculture. It includes replaced the traditional agricultural works by giving us vehicles, power pumps, fertilizers, profound tube water wells, high yielding varieties of vegetation. Science has removed the space of areas and salvaged our period by providing all of us various speedy vehicles like trains, machines, motorcars, aero planes etc . These transports have brought the world nearer to us.

But to energize these types of, a lot of under-ground solutions are used and pollute the environment by it is wastes. The most recent miracle of science can be computer. They have enabled us to perform any difficult functions and calculations most effectively and flawlessly in a few just a few seconds. But the best wonder of science is the release with the nuclear energy. It has permitted the invention with the atom bomb, the hydrogen bomb as well as the missiles. These are being used against mankind. These kinds of inventions are considered as the living problem to our lifestyle and living on the earth. But there are unlimited possibilities for nuclear energy being used for tranquil and constructive purpose. Therefore science envelops our living from visit foot. Amazing things are the accomplishment of research. Let ushope science will be utilized to feed the craving for food millions, restore the protection less, reduce the sufferings of the ailing ones and become the saviour of the human race.

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