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For the SWOT examination, the strength of OPHK is it experienced introduced lots of valuable animals before such as panda, Cookware Small-clawed Otter, Spotted In cui and so on. They have already success in promote these animals and also build up a positive image of dog conservation inside the world-wide. Additionally , it had favorable comments in the market. Since OPHK experienced opened more than 30 years, it is also one of the famous attractions in Hong Kong. It is not simply well-known in Hong Kong and in addition world-wide as OPHK was ranked the World’s Seventh Most Well-known Amusement Playground.

A large number of tourists check out Hong Kong is going to visit OPHK as well. The top amount of capital is additionally the strength of OPHK. As showcase the Koala may need a heavy advertising costs, a large amount of capital may allow OPHK to pay for the cost. Weak point For the weakness, OPHK had the key competitor, Hk Disneyland. Both these styles the motif parks provide the similar products and services such as leisure games, memorabilia counters.

Moreover, the facilities start old and need to renovate.

As we may seen that there are some mishaps happened in OPHK recently. For example , the “Mine Train was conflict to the earlier train, “Ocean Park Tower stopped as a result of power failing and so on. Additionally , there is the the majority of serious artificial accidents is definitely the accident of “Ocean Express, it trigger 8 people injury. These accidents is going to affect the assured of the vacationers to visit the park. Chance The opportunity of OPHK is the market of Mainland China as it is the high exchange rate of RMB plus the strong economic climate grows in China.

That lead to increase their purchasing electricity and they may willing to spend more money in travel and entertainment and also Hong Kong is among the famous range of them. Besides, OPHK experienced offer the SMARTFUN annual complete to the community and that entitles holder to unlimited admission to OPHK in a year. It may well attract even more people to check out within a time frame. OPHK enhance the Koala Kingdom during this period because buyer have opportunity to visit Koala in winter although not only in summer. Danger About the threat, besides of Hong Kong Disneyland, a large great deal of competition in the world.

For instance, Universal Studio room in Singapore, Everland in Koera, Toyko Disneyland as well as the forthcoming Shanghai Disneyland and so on. Those motif parks supply the substitute product. It is also the choice of the site visitors if they would like to visit the theme park. Besides, additional entertainments in Hong Kong such as karaoke, cinemas and club are also the handle of OPHK. People may possibly like to choose those entertainments to have entertaining since it is far more convenient for them. Nowadays, we have a high inflation rate in Asia. Persons may decrease the money invest in entertainment. Therefore , it may cause to reduce the income of OPHK.


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