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Sam Richards explains that, (TedTalks, 2010) Empathy is all about understanding other’s values, values and ethnicities. Richards asks us that will put ourselves in someone else’s shoes in order to understand what they are going through (TedTalks, 2010). At the end of his presentation, Richards stresses his level that you do not have to agree nevertheless, you need to make an effort to understand (TedTalks, 2010). I think that is exactly what sociology is all about. The knowledge of someone else’s tradition and values.

He starts off the presentation by simply inviting us to put themselves in a situation we might never consider, being busy by China and tiawan who are exporting each of our major reference. The Oriental are becoming more potent, while the people of the United States have grown to be poorer. As you put yourself in that scenario, you can visualize how unpleasant it would be. It might make a person upset and undoubtedly want to retaliate. When he gets the audience convinced that way, this individual turns that around and draws the queue between that example and what is happening while using U. S. occupation in Iraq.

Richards has the audience think about they are a great Iraqi Muslim. In this test, he points out that the Iraqi Muslims need what we almost all want, a healthy and content life. Every Iraqis genuinely see is that oil is definitely causing break down and death in their country when actually it should be which makes them wealthy. The condition to them is not really the oil however , it is the Americans that have laid claim to this essential oil. The multimedia influences all of them, showing we are all wealthy and content over in this article thanks to their very own resource. They are at their particular situation and all they see is lower income, ruins and death. Within their shoes, one can see why they may be angry to Americans , nor agree with the occupation in their country.

After visualizing Richards’ case in point, it is better to empathize with them. That they see it because us getting into their home, making money off of all their resource, causing death and destruction prove land, aiming to convert them to Christianity. This may could be the case but this is exactly what they observe. Now we could see it through their eyes, and it makes one particular understand all their outrage and resistance. Richards has us imagine ourself in other conditions as well. We all step into moccasins of American troops who have found Iraqi cokolwiek and also in the shoes of those insurgents who were caught. Every time asking the way you think we would feel in each of those situations.

This is what sociology is all about. Richards asks all of us to (TedTalks, 2010). Whenever we do that enough we may have a much broader impression of the world and societies inside it. We need to open the eyes and be aware of the world not just view it for what is shown on TV or described in a film but seriously see why people behave the way they do in a society and understand the causes.

A few years ago My spouse and i went vacationing around Southeast Asia. While I was there, I felt I always needed to be on safeguard from people trying to tear me away one way or another. It was very tedious between converting the cost to see if it was really worth fighting as well as trying to assess if it was the best deal I really could get. I was on a tight price range and don’t have room to make errors with money while there. Some people I encountered seemed to only see me personally as another westerner with money to spend. Though that was not the case beside me, media had played a huge role in giving them that stereotype. It was really worrying sometimes after they wanted to fight with you for a couple of dollars.

However , eventually I started to empathize with them. While I wasn’t flush with money during my trip, I could see the struggle most of them faced each day, and empathized with them. I noticed a few dollars to me was nothing but to them it could possibly feed their particular family to get a week It is hard to see that whenever your not accustomed to that sort of life. Once I place myself within their shoes I really could see their struggles and felt for them, I wanted to assist even if it absolutely was just a few extra dollars. My spouse and i didn’t like being blatantly ripped off yet I recognized why they felt they’d to do it.

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