Way in Which Piaget and Vygotsky Share Similar Ideas Essay

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While the two Piaget and Vygotsky were similar in their views in a few ways. Most often shared were their opinions as constructivists (the concept of learning simply by doing) and believed that social pushes set the bounds of expansion.

The most obvious big difference is their view of cognitive creation. Where Piaget felt that cognition grows in 4 discreet phases that are limited, Vygotsky thought the opposite, that you have no stages and creation is continuous. Where there are not areas which i relate together with the theoretical views of Ruben Piaget, I tend to relate more so with the ones from Vygotsky. Both were solid advocates for individuals having energetic participation in their learning.

Just like Vygotsky, I feel that learning and development will be intertwined and perhaps learning can easily precede expansion. Vygotsky as opposed a learner’s actual expansion to their potential development; this potential region is called the zone of proximal development. When working with the youngsters it is in this field that I notice any potential problem areas in which a child will need help as well as recognize exactly where I can drive a child just a little further to obtain them to reach their maximum potential.

As far as instructional strategies, I am inclined to rely seriously on a Montessori style environment; where breakthrough, project structured learning, and curiosity causing strategies grows a child’s intellect. Since a child care supplier I frequently try to engage my student with actions and materials that concern them. The majority of toys and instructional materials I show the children are often slightly above their age ranges.

Where Vygotsky felt that culture plays a large role in advancement, I also agree that development has been enhanced when cultural interaction is usually guided by highly skilled people in the same culture.

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