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Fate has become used by aug Strindberg in the play Miss Julie and Sophocles in his play Oedipus in many different aspects that lead to a single final result, they are all ending up in misery. The plays are written around the lines of Aristotelian tragedy, and aside from the tragic flaws of the protagonists, fate also acted being a malignant pressure leading the characters with an ordeal. However the way in which their very own fate was carried out was completely different since the destiny of Miss Julie was self induced and the fortune in Oedipus was the will certainly of the gods. In this composition I will assess the way destiny has been used by the creators.

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First I will look at Miss Julie. Inside the play mcdougal Strindberg gave the main woman protagonist Miss Julie foreboding where during his period this was accustomed to describe women who had lovemaking desires nevertheless didn’t think that they did. You observe this in the play where she was sexually interested in Jean and begins to flirt with him. Despite his being a servant and her not being allowed in the kitchen (because the kitchen was “too dirty for the masters) the girl still gone inside and stayed there to spend period with him. The reason why the author offered Miss Julie hysteria was to develop the plot and also to show that she was blind with her actions and creating her own fate of doing anything without knowing it. For example when Jean would definitely tell Jules about his love story but ceased because he located it idiotic, she insisted that this individual continue. This shows that the lady wanted to receive closer to him and wished to know more about his life which has been mainly due to her interest to him. This case highlights the truth that Strindberg has used her interest towards Jean like a tool on her behalf fate. Destiny is responsible for late Miss Julie, and it is however, what is strange of her life which a proud aristocrat is swindled of her honour by a mere valet!

“Im resting on top of a pillar that Ive climbed up in some manner and I dont know how to settle back down. When I look straight down I receive dizzy. I have to get down but I actually dont have the courage to jump. 

Now I will need look at how fate has become used by the Sophocles in Oedipus. In the play the king of Thebes Laois (father of Oedipus) was told by oracle at Delphi that his boy would get rid of him and marry his mother my spouse and i. e. the kings (Laois’s) wife. In this article we see how the play depends on the will from the god’s. Then simply as we observe later inside the play Oedipus killed his father in a battle more than crossing a bridge, after killing his father (Oedipus never knew that the person he murdered was his father) this individual married the queen (his mother) and had two children with her. Oedipus in the end tries to escape from his fortune but on the contrary is satisfying the prophecy. So here we see how Sophocles has created this character “the oracle who also determines the fate of Oedipus.

As of this instance we can raise stage, if Laois had not believed the oracle then not would Oedipus have killed him neither married his wife. In addition when Oedipus was born his parents were told that he would eliminate his father and rest with his mom, so for that reason horrible action that Oedipus was designed to carry out his parents chosen to kill him but they couldn’t dare to kill their particular flesh and blood. The parents ordered a shepherd to leave the child in a bend on a mountain with his hands and feet tethered. Nevertheless fate manufactured that shepherd its device, and this so took place that the shepherd instead of killing the baby required him for the royal structure of his home town and handed then simply baby to King Polybos and Queen Merope. Yet, in the end we see that Oedipus does fulfil the prediction which shows that even though this individual tried to get away his destiny the oracle was authentic from the start. Using this we can see just how Sophocles employed his (Oedipus) destiny to build up the story and couldn’t back off from the can of the gods. The entire play is woven by paradox.

O god-all come true, all burst to light! U light-now i want to look my last upon you! I stand revealed in last-cursed within my birth, doomed in relationship, cursed inside the lives We cut down with these hands!

Now we compare the fate in both the takes on and how the authors have already been successful in using it. As Miss Jules has hysteria she subconsciously wanted to receive sexually nearer to jean and consciously never accepted this which then induced her to succeed in the climax, which was the point where they had love-making. The cancerous fate conspired and woven an intricate web to ensnare her. Fate along with opportunity had set the foundation of her devastation. It was the festive ambiance of the midsummer’s eve, the count was far away indulging in feasts. Just how her mom had inculcated bad norms of behavior in her 0nly little girl and the approach the father acquired brought her up. She was all alone and there was clearly no one limit her temptations. She got had a the latest break up with her fiance. She sensed irritated as she was passing through her menstrual cycle, the nocturnal the twilight series and the strong aphrodisiac influence of the blossoms. The alcohol made the final detrimental impact, and the girl was conned of her honour and pride beneath the confidence of the aroused person. Fate minimizes her in a pathetic creature-a man hater, half animal. She also despises her father, and holds him responsible for destroying her

“My love pertaining to him was without bounds-but i hated him too, he taught me to despise my very own sex-he helped me half woman-half man. I have not got a self

On the other hand in Oedipus the play works around the pinnacle of oracles. Oedipus can be doomed by Oracle by Delphi. Plus the fate even now does not stay content, holding further adversities in Oedipus’s life. The oracle explains to Creon which the plague in Thebes will be eliminated as long as the man who killed his father and slept with his mother is banished. Through this perform Sophocles reveals his intense faith in fate and in the power of prophets like Tiresias.

Look en, countrymen and Thebans, this is certainly Oedipus the great, He who knew the Sphinxs question and was mightiest in our state. Whom of all our townsmen gazed not on his fame with envious sight? Now, in what a sea of troubles sunk and confused he lies! Therefore hold out to see lifes ending ere thou count number one fatidico blest, Wait until free from discomfort and sadness he provides gained his final relax.

In miss Julie when the servants experienced come down and began to sing the tune about both of them, they went into another room to be exclusively, here the writer brings in to the picture the servants to ensure that both Julie and Blue jean can get into the room and possess sex. As for in Oedipus when the window blind prophet Tiresias tells Oedipus that he (Oedipus) is a one who committed his bad sin, Oedipus never is convinced him but goes back residence and believes upon this kind of, this displays how Sophocles has used the prophet like a tool by gods to portray the destiny of Oedipus. The authors make use of many other tools which indirectly contribute to the fate of the primary characters and in addition help in producing the story because through each tiny event and incident a small piece of all their fate is usually revealed to all of us.

In conclusion you observe how the two authors August Strindberg and Sophocles had used fate to develop the plot and made it as being a major concept of the their plays, because in both the performs we see that every character is usually destined to end up in unhappiness. Oedipus window blinds himself with all the pins when Miss Jules commits committing suicide. The fate is responsible for the transformation of their going metaphorically blind with the development of the plot. It had been also destiny that created hamartia in the character of Oedipus. This individual openly rebukes people who were subordinated to him, performing in an irresponsible way with his subjects. Destiny makes his sufferings therefore intense that he becomes a subject of our pity. Since it behoves the Greek tragic vision, the smoothness of Oedipus is influenced by the cancerous role of fate and hubris. And it was also fate that made a noble girl like Miss Julie get into the hole of a degenerate woman-it is the tragedy of the woman who dared to challenge the fate by attempting to defeat the social, environmental and gender pushes of her time.

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