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What is the role of fate in the tragic takes on

Fate has become used by aug Strindberg in the play Miss Julie and Sophocles in his play Oedipus in many different aspects that lead to a single final result, they are all ending up in misery. The plays are written around the lines of Aristotelian tragedy, and aside from the tragic flaws of the protagonists, […]

Understanding naturalism in miss julie and six

Web pages: 5 In not more than three hundred words, call and make an analytical description of naturalism and a single kind of anti-naturalism. In not more than 1200 words, demonstrate what each information might lead to an understanding of one scene via Miss Julie, (pages 78 to 88) and a single scene from Six […]

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Ibsen and strindberg hedda gabler and miss julie 2

Compare and contrast the characters of Hedda Gabler and Miss Julie in the plays simply by Ibsen and Strindberg. Support your findings with responses on the authors attitudes with their characters. Aug Strindberg and Henrik Ibsen were both great playwrights of the 19th century, and both played a large role in the progression of modern […]

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