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One could feel sorry for all the characters in ‘Of Rodents and Men’ especially Lennie and Curley’s wife mainly because they die. Which of some other characters do you feel more sympathy pertaining to: Curley, Candies, Crooks or George? Offer reasons for your answer.

Having read the book and attaining insight into the characters main role and aspects of hardship they have to experience, either due to their own actions or others, it arouses sympathy within the reader. The characters Curley, Candy, Criminals and George all gain my sympathy, however a lot of do so more than others.

I personally feel great sympathy towards Crooks compared to the rest of the characters.

Curley is definitely the boss’s child hence has authority and will say and do whatever this individual wishes ” ‘won’t at any time get processed cause his old mans the boss’ (pg 28). Hence, out of this alone it can made noticeable to the audience, Curley’s in a position to all that this individual likes devoid of fear of getting in trouble, while he’s the boss’s child.

I do truly feel slight sympathy towards Curley, as his wife appears to betray the role she is meant to enjoy as his wife. The girl with continuously outdoors flirting with other men, (page 33 ‘ she set her hands behind her back and leaned against the door ” shape so that her body was thrown forward) rather than having a close romance with her husband.

The lady takes simply no interest in her husband, even as are advised Curley’s better half is always trying to find men, ‘ she cannot keep away from guys’ (page 54). This isn’t good on Curley, as he does not have the ability to maintain his wife to himself and enjoy the pleasures of married life along with his wife. Therefore, seeing as Curley’s wife truly does in fact keep Curley and doesn’t fulfil her roles as a wife, I do feel sympathetic toward Curley. Nevertheless , seeing as dr. murphy is the man this individual could have averted this coming from happening, however we may see him striving to accomplish this.

Curley provides his hand crushed simply by Lennie, however this doesn’t understand my compassion. Curley damages himself as a result of his individual actions. He starts the fight with Lennie, ‘ the particular hell you laughin’ for? ‘(Page 66) Yet, Lennie wasn’t having a laugh at Curley, rather at memories of the ranch. Yet , Curley observed it since an opportunity to exert his stress, therefore this individual stepped forward to initialise the fight. Lennie retaliated and unknowingly crushed his hands, as he had not done so purposely, nor got he meant to do so, ‘ I didn’t wanta damage him (page 66). ‘ Hence, though this event resulted in Curley being harm, I didn’t sympathise with Curley as he asked for the fight. Likewise because though Lennie retaliated, he done so in do it yourself defence and was unaware of what the outcome of his strength will be.

Thus by looking at these incidents, they don’t cause me to feel feel considerate towards Curley. He had total authority, therefore could have place his wife under his rule, yet he under no circumstances attempted to do this. He began the fight, as a result the end result, this individual deserved. I really don’t truly feel much shame towards him.

George is viewed to be Lennie’s guardian through the novel. You will find no happenings where the publisher has attemptedto gain the reader’s compassion for George. Although George does mention how his life would be so much easier devoid of Lennie, ‘if I was exclusively I could live so easy, ‘ (page 11), George did not desert Lennie. Thus though Lennie was obviously a burden upon George, We wouldn’t sympathise with George having to look after Lennie since in turn George has a friend with him all the time in contrast to others.

Nevertheless , near the end of the new, George is usually obliged to kill Lennie, his nearest companion, to make apparent his innocence also to justify the truth that he wasn’t involved in the death of Curley’s wife. This occurrence does cause me to feel feel shame towards George as he was compelled to show the firearm on his cabinet companion that has to have been a fantastic battle of his desires.

Therefore , since an end consequence I more than likely say I believe an intense amount of sympathy in relation to George. This is because he doesn’t seriously undergo anything-tremendous leading to him having to undergo a variety of issues, in comparison to Criminals.

Candy may be the swamper inside the novel and is elderly. Candy’s only friend was his dog, however he was appreciated and persuaded shooting it by Carlson. Candy’s puppy was the just thing Candy had besides him for a long time, ‘ I had fashioned im also long’ (page 47), therefore having to leave from him was obviously a hardship he was made to go through and also a great loss to him. The truth that Candies didn’t possess much of a state into the firing of his dog, increases my concern. However We don’t think extreme sympathy for Sweets as your dog was incredibly old since described by Carlson, ‘ got zero teeth. Your dog is all stiff with rheumatism’ (page 46) thus he would have died shortly anyway, hence, Candy would have had to lose his dog in the very forseeable future.

The fact that Candy misplaced his palm whilst taking care of the farm gains my personal sympathy mainly because it makes myself more aware about the intensity of the issues ranch workers were made to undergo, just to make a living. Thus I actually do feel consideration towards Chocolate due to the fact that this individual lost his hand even though working on the ranch.

Even so the sympathy and pity Personally i think towards Chocolate is limited while the stress he previously undergone was masked by hope in gaining a dream farm with Lennie and George. The fact that this individual has expect that his dream of increasing a farmville farm and property where after he didn’t be made to work extremely hard, luxuries him as it enlightens his future. Therefore, he’s made to struggle for only a short period of time and this struggle basically much of a concern to him as he appears more in-depth in what awaits him rather than the state he could be in nowadays.

As mentioned before, I feel wonderful pity, sympathy and commiseration towards Thieves, the ‘nigger’ who seems the horses on the ranch. Crooks is definitely the only dark man obvious on the hacienda in the story, which by itself portrays the truth that he would have been seen as an vagabond by the rest of the hacienda workers and the boss, as they were every white.

Near the beginning of the novel, before Crooks is used of deeply, he is referred to as ‘nigger, ‘ ‘ya begin to see the stable buck’s a nigger, ‘(page 20). The fact that Steinbeck has used the word ‘nigger’ to refer to Crooks instead of ‘black man’ suggests a tremendous issue. It makes the target audience aware of the racism apparent at the time. The use of the word ‘nigger’ also suggests the dark people in those days were seen being mediocre when compared with others. This alone gains my sympathy since it makes me aware Crooks was the only 1 who was viewed as an outcast and substandard due to him being dark-colored ” and he had simply no power to overcome such an concern.

Steinbeck brings up Crooks acquired many belongings, ‘ and scattered about the floor had been a number of personal possessions; to be alone’ (page 70). This illustrates the loneliness of Crooks, again all due to his color. It’s as a result of him being black that he was not able to socialise with others.

In an roundabout manner, mcdougal makes the visitor aware Criminals wasn’t presented the privileges of a civilian nor was he cured as one, simply by mentioning he possessed ‘a mauled replicate of the Washington dc civil code for 1905. ‘ I feel sympathetic towards Crooks since although he is human, it really is all as a result of his colour, him staying black, that he’s certainly not given a similar rights because others.

Crooks is said to get a ‘crooked spinal column, ‘ ‘his body was bent to the kept by his crooked spine. ‘ This kind of portrays the significant conditions having been made to experience as being the ones from great hardship. The strength of work load he was designed to carry out got disfigured his spine, making me have a pity party for him as his physical condition and health was made to go through all due to him being created to carry out hard work as every saw him as being inferior, hence had taken advantage of him.

Crooks will himself apply and massage therapy his spine (page 71) due to this being in pain because of the hard days work he had carried out. The very fact that this individual wasn’t dismissed, even in a short time, nor performed anyone at any time ask about his well-being implies that no one was worried about him.

Those in the hoke house didn’t allow, none invite Criminals to play cards with these people because he was black, as he said to Lennie ‘ We can’t perform because I am just black. I have heard it said I stink’ (page 72). The fact that Crooks is definitely described as stinking makes myself feel pity for him as every judge him by his colour and so treat him in an inhumane manner.

Criminals is lonely thus makes use of the presence of Lennie, ‘ lengthy as you will not likely get away and leave me exclusively, you might too set down’ (page 73). Crooks getting lonely at all times makes me personally feel significantly towards him and the express he’s built to live in as he is remote from the external world and can’t socialise, all because of his colour, which is natural racism and discrimination.

Whatever said by simply Crooks would be seen as unimportant as he him self said to Lennie, ‘ this is certainly just a nigger talkin’ an a busted-black nigger. So it avoid mean nothing, see? ‘ (page 74). This indicates, talk and view of a dark person at the moment, would be pushed aside, therefore, Crooks was not given the opportunity to speak out due to the strength of the householder’s thoughts which a black guy was worth nothing. Can make me feel great sympathy towards Thieves, as there is no independence of talk, he was restricted in all terms, be it action or talk.

Overall, I feel great sympathy and shame for Crooks the most. The reason is , he is discriminated against and it is all a result of his color ” all due to him being dark-colored. He’s lonesome and cut-off from the exterior world, again due to him being black. No one visits him, when he is of another type of background. Your dog is ‘given hell by the employer when your dog is mad. ‘ Everything gone through by Thieves is hardship, distress, loneliness ” really everything within the negative side.

Even though Curley undergoes difficulty due to his wife, he had the authority to stop it. Candy’s hopes extinguish all earlier distress. George undergoes limited hardships and it is again in a position to prevent that. However , it can be Crooks who have sees not any hope currently, neither down the road. He just isn’t permitted of talking out, nor can he socialise ” thus I find myself commiseration mainly towards Thieves.

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