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This paper was made to dercribe how nepotism affects the lives of others particularly in the Republic from the Philippines and to call attention to whom could most likely address issues with regards to nepotism. The author hopes this paper might serve as a usefull suggestions to the readers as the paper named few concerns affecting the present political condition of the federal government of the Korea. Also, a lot of aspects are viewed as to relate the situation to the significant topic in the paper.

The particular perpose from the paper is to site a few recommendation for the problem to become solve and to serve as a great eye opener to the people who would always be reading the paper. The author used several references to elaborately describe the main subject of this conventional paper. Introduction Korea is known as one of many favorite tourist spot in Asia for its beautiful tourist attractions and because of its favorable citizens as well. But exactly like other nation who suffers from corruption, Philippines is to never be excempt. Corruption continues to be widely distributed to almost every where in the area, from the tiny unit of every region to the major govt institutions from the country.

Corruption has several faces and means just like bribery, extortion, cronyism, nepotism, patronage, graft, and embezzlement. Nepotism as one of the means of problem has been influencing the lives of each and every Filipinos for decades possibly even. So long as it could be observed to almost every solitary company or perhaps organization and commonly in the local as well as countrywide government industries of the region. The origin in the term nepotism comes from Catholic bishops who does bequeath prosperity, property, and priesthood to their nephews? The nephews were usually their bogus offspring, and it offered as a way for house of worship clergy to both very own property and also to retain power in their family members.

Today, nepotism refers to the hiring or perhaps promotion of any family member (including in-laws), and it smacks of favoritism. In a family-owned businesses, nepotism is often considered as natural and expected. (Riggio, October 2012). Nepotism nationwide is apparently involves politicians of equally local and national government organizations. Although there are provisions of laws governing nepotism, it really is still irrefutably imposible to get rid of such unethical practice.

Such as the case of Maritime Sector Authority (Marina). MARINA has jurisdiction in the development, advertising and dangerous all businesses engaged in the company of developing, constructing, manufacturing, acquiring, functioning, supplying, fixing, and/or maintaining vessels, or component parts thereof, of managing and/or operating delivery lines, shipyards, dry-docks, underwater railways, marine repair boats, shipping and freight forwarding agencies and similar enterprises, (Wikipedia). Simply recently, an instance was recorded in Malacanang against Marina deputy manager for operations Gloria Banas for supposed nepotism pertaining to allegedly appointing her close friend and sister-in-law to important positions inside the agency. The case was registered by Mr.

Nelson Ramirez of the United Filipino Seafarers. Gloria Banas was hired by President Benigno Aquino as chairperson of the Employees Selection Panel of Marina. According to Presidential Marketing and sales communications Secretary Sonny Coloma, Banas should make clear why her brother, Engr. Rizal Exito, has been appointed as the chief/officer-in-charge of the Maritime Safety Audit Office and his wife, Melinda Exito, as her executive admin. (ABS-CBN. com) Problems/Issues Conflict with client positions, misuse of office, special treatment, and patronage are a couple of the government ethical issues associated to nepotism.

Nepotism diminishes public trust by making federal government look like a friends and family business operate not for the country’s citizens, but for the families in power particularly those of authorities officials of both community and countrywide government establishments such in the matter of Marina versus Gloria Banas. According to the complainant Nelson Ramirez of the Usa Filipino Seafarers, the group will hold a tremendous protest in the event that Banas is usually not ignored from work. According to the reports from DZMM of Ria de Placer, ABS-CBNnews. com, they attempted to call Banas’ mobile quantity for about 46 times upon Sunday (Jan.

26) to get her side yet she did not answer their calls. Gloria Banas, getting silent intended for the moment physical exercises her proper and is legal. But offered the pressure at the current situation, Banas should describe her area immediately since she may, for negative or unfavorable comments and woes could surely atmosphere against her. And as quickly as she could remember, people can view her guilty of these kinds of allegation.

Banas should provide evidence that her actions with regards to the appointment of her brother in law as well as its better half is base on the normal qualification with the agency and is not bottom on the socalled strong kinship ties. Scenario Analysis Because defined by business book, nepotism may be the practice of appointing family and good friends in one’s organization to positions which is why outsiders could possibly be better certified. Therefore the very reason to help keep others like ethnic and racial teams out of the neighborhood and national government agencies which has contributed to the raising rate of unemployed persons in the Korea.

Nepotism is additionally the very reason why most of common Filipinos prefer to work overseas because they will know for a fact that we have a little choice of them to obtain hired in their own nation especially when they have not graduated in college or university. Everyone is influenced of these kinds of unfair practice and it happens everytime as in the case of Marina compared to Gloria Banas. In a declaration of ex – Jovito Salonga on Drive 2001, then he asked Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, president of the Thailand during that a chance to put an end to the creation of political dynasties.

Political dynasties are an file format of nepotism. The primary difference is that nepotism is the visit of relatives to positions to the same line of ancestry. Political lignage refer to a great elected established who chooses his wife or child to succeed him or to inhabit the top political positions in his district or perhaps province, (Roces, March 2001). That involved thirteen years ago, yet, until now nepotism remains into common practice amongst local and national authorities officials.

Therefore , continually minimizes the opportunity if you’re more sensible and competent for a empty government placement. Educational achievements of an ordinary people who wanted to serve the country with honesty and have a belief the country could survive to such underhanded practice wrap around the Philippine government features no employ because of this kind of government nepotism. Resulting to the unstoppable elevating cases of corruption in the area risking the chance of the entire country to be stable with regards to economic capacity, thus, starving a better lifestyle among the citizens.

Recommendations In light in the increasing circumstances of file corruption error in the country as well as its means, as to the nepotism case recorded against Flotta executive Gloria Banas, President Benevolo Aquino will need to address the matter seriously and should start to put up an end to such underhanded practice. Though nepotism inside the government is usually culturally acceped and even predicted, the laws governing this sort of practice needs to be strenghten. Also, the Civil Service Commission rate should constantly monitor and remind general public officials to strictly take notice of the rule in nepotism.

In accordance to CSC Chair Francisco T. Duque III, Nepotism is a form of corruption that weakens well-being and output in the open public sector, helps bring about patronage national politics, and breeds public mistrust on authorities. Any nepotism act or perhaps circumvention in the law needs to be brought to mild so that these kinds of abuse of power will be stopped. The author strongly believes the root cause of such uneven practice is at the very responsibility of each and every Philippine citizen.

Nepotism continues mainly because voters will be lazy. They don’t usually pay attention to politics until Selection Day. If they get into the voting booth, they vote for a familiar term or that they vote somebody only because he or she is famous. People should discover how to vote somebody base in its capacities and truthfulness to provide the country rather than because of patronage.

Conclusion Though nepotism is definitely prohibited by government polices, because it is not democratic and results in an uneven practice that prevents opportunity for other folks and starving positive changes in the country, however, the practice is still broadly acceped and expected. The writer believes that through exercising the above tips, cases of nepotism could be decreased. Also, the author believes that the simplest way to put a stop to the practice is to solid out via office dozens of who were selected into workplace in disobedience of the constitutional ban just about every major election, and never allow any applicant to run pertaining to office especially if he or she violates the constitutional ban.

Especially, each and everybody should research or evaluate carefully a politician before choosing him. Every of us ought to strive to be of an independent specific in finding employment so that everyone is able to be given the equal opportunity that each one people deserves.

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