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Responsibility in our lives is one of the critical qualities we must develop day by day. It is also much more than admitting as you make an problem. Being liable means selecting what are the best actions to achieve our goals, means getting proactive, taking initiative. Responsibility involves becoming aware of the level of attention we pay to the work, to our activities and daily jobs, as well as to the relationships all of us maintain with individuals in our environment, whether personal or specialist. Also, the responsibility is anything very important because it leads to credibility, commitment and determination.

An example of responsibility in my life would be, focus on for my foreseeable future because the actions I do today will impact the results I will have my long term. If in the present I produce decisions that allow me development and growth, that will help me personally develop a better quality of your life. On the contrary, if I’m irresponsible and do not consider several factors seriously, the end result in my life will be a total failing. As an athlete, We find that the sports field is an ideal space for learning and training responsibility, since the athlete, atlanta divorce attorneys training and competition, must assume that responsibility to reach the aim. Sports is known as a generator of opportunities for improvement, with all the advantage that the next day provides you with another opportunity to learn and where it does not serve to have got fulfilled last night because today you have to be dependable again within your individual and collective advancements. Also since an sportsman I have a few obligations and tasks that I must execute well done, as it depends on my personal actions, they can improve or affect my team. We need to be responsible for leading to add accomplishment in the lives of others feeling satisfied with each of our performance. As a team, each athlete assumes a role and need to take responsibility towards getting to a goal.

The coachs job is to guide us and teach us to take responsibility, if as a team or individually. In respect to R Dominguez, Players who presume their responsibility in sports are able to attain greater individual improvement a better performance in both schooling and competition. For that reason it is necessary to follow recommendations to achieve our goal. In summary, it is important being responsible with ourselves, because an sportsman and as a team, this will help to us to further improve everyday to have a better present and upcoming. It’s also important to manage to coexist with the others. It will help us to accomplish goals and objectives at any stage of your lives as well as to be able to be much more arranged with all sorts of tasks and with all kinds of situations.

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