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1 . What hormonal problem could be triggering these symptoms?

Eric’s symptoms include: huge hands and feet, low thyroid activity, low cortisone levels, low testosterone levels, high human growth hormone levels, and swelling in his right knees. Since the majority of Eric’s symptoms are junk, he is evidently having a great endocrine human gland problem. Cortisone, testosterone, and growth hormone amounts are being affected, it is likely that he his having a junk problem within his informe pituitary sweat gland, because all of these human hormones are regulated by a horomone that this sweat gland secretes.

Steroid is handled by ACTH, testosterone by simply LH and FSH, and growth hormone by anterior pituitary gland on its own. Not to mention, the thyroid is regulated by the thyroid-stimulating hormone, and this is released by the anterior pituitary gland. installment payments on your Why will joint harm be connected with rapid growth and low testosterone levels?

Rapid growth can lead to joint damage since the faster bone development disrupts the supply of bloodstream to the cartilage.

Joint damage can even be caused by low testosterone levels. Low androgenic hormone or testosterone levels may play a role in a joint disorder named osteoarthritis.

Component 2:

1 . Should Dr . Kidd tell Joshua that he can probably clean and sterile? Why might he always be sterile?

Certainly, Dr . Kidd should inform Eric that he is likely sterile. Eric could potentially end up being sterile as a result of low levels of testosterone. Low testosterone amounts lead to a minimal sperm count, leading to being sterile. 2 . Will there be anything that they will could try to do to stimulate spermatogenesis? Why is the absence of hair on your face important?

Richard could try follicle stimulating hormone as a way stimulate spermatogenesis. The a shortage of facial hair is important because it can be related to an absence of gonadal stimulating which causes the disorder called hypogonadotropic hypogonadism, resulting in a lower or decrease of bodilyhair. This may also affect development at puberty, causing underdeveloped testicles, which once again affects male fertility.

Part three or more:

1 . Why was he developing facial hair?

Joshua is now growing facial hair because of the the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) that he had injected. hCG acts just like FSH and LH and triggers a number of secondary intimate characteristics, just like facial hair. installment payments on your Why performed he want jaw surgery?

Eric required jaw surgical procedure because though having an excessive amount of growth hormone in childhood triggers gigantism, down the road in age of puberty results in acromegaly. Acromegaly is definitely marked by differential development; bones which have aleady joined do not increase, but other areas in the body may continue to accomplish that. Acromegaly is common in areas such as the hands, feet, and jaw. Therefore, Eric’s lower jaw grew, but his upper chin did not, which in turn caused a misalighnment.

Component 4:

1 . Why are his kidneys so effective at night?

Eric’s kidneys are so active at night because he does not make enough of the antiduretic hormone. 2 . What body hormone could be involved? (unpredictable distress responces)Hormones released by the well known adrenal glands, such as steroids could possibly be involved in causing unpredictable shock responces. 3. If the pituitary is so essential, and if Eric is to not get replacements of hormones the pituitary makes (except pertaining to ADH), so why isn’t this individual dead?

Eric isn’t lifeless because you can live without a pituitary, so long as you are recorded replacement hormones for those internal organs controlled by the pituitary.

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