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Intro: Suzanne Drolet is the administrator of a McDonald’s restaurant within a city with a lot of seniors. These seniors have become regular customers on the restaurant. They come in for the senior citizen breakfast special and stay until late afternoon, with coffee refills being free.

Therefore , even though they stay there from lunch break to lunch break, they only order the breakfast special and get refills of coffee. Suzanne likes all of them, they are all extremely friendly and clean customers. The restaurant isn’t facing any crowding issues possibly as there is more than enough place for them plus the other customers.

Nevertheless , Suzanne can be worried about the ongoing future of the cafe. Problems: For me, Suzanne is right to be concerned with the future of the restaurant. First and foremost, her concerns that the cafe might be labelled as a great ‘old people’s’ restaurant by younger era is correct. If perhaps they youthful generation begins to percieve the restaurant like a place pertaining to old people, they will end dining in it and look for substitutes. Second, although the senior citizens are nice and friendly for the customers that can come and move, the ambiance of the place is severly misleading for the younger generation.

If the place has an old person home think to this, then less and less people will go there. Mainly because the cafe itself is usually positioning alone as a place for seniors to hang out. Thirdly, the restaurant will suffer a great amount of their sales in the foreseeable future if the aged people keep carrying out what they are at present doing. This is simply because they avoid order meals the same way regular customers carry out. They come in for the lunch break special and get free refills of caffeine. Furthermore, if the group of aged people that come in keeps growing in number, it might lead to a crowding concern.

The restaurant might sooner or later run out of space to accommodate everyone. Persons might begin to avoid the cafe because of that. Additionally , the employee and customer relationship might become stronger and stronger as more time moves by which tends to make taking a radical decision harder in the future. Whether or not Suzanne really does make a tough choice, she will become unpopular with the associated with her personnel. This can result in the drop in the worker’s well-being. Solutions: Suzanne can shape the special offers to specify when the seniors come in to the restaurant.

Your woman can change the breakfast particular from everyday to weekdays only. This will reduce the volume of seniors which come in within the weekends which can be when the many the younger generation is out. Whereas for the weekend the lady can organized special discounts for individuals to bring all of them in to the restaurant. She may also remove the totally free coffee refills or limit them in some manner to reduce time the aged people spend inside the restaurant. Suzanne can also hold special events for the younger generation to draw them to the restaurant.

The girl could yield the atmosphere of the place by having karaoke nights or wide open mic evenings. This would attract customers and alter the feel with the place. In the event these basic steps do not help, then Suzanne will have to take drastic procedure for save her restaurant. Your woman may have to entirely get rid of the mature specials like the breakfast particular and put a restriction on how extended people may sit at the restaurant devoid of ordering meals. These will make the restaurant and the personnel very unpopular with the senior citizens of the area.

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