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Jesse Trump’s Leadership Style

Over time, many different kinds of leaders possess graced corporate and business America. By Mahatma Gandhi to Leona Helmsley to Martha Stewart, there seems to always be as many different kinds of leaders and there is approaches to leadership. In this textual content, I matter myself with the leadership type of Donald Trump. In so doing, I will amongst things compare my personal leadership style to that of Trump so that they can identify the traits he has that we need to develop. Further, I will also highlight some of the strengths I have that he may benefit from.

Trump’s Leadership Design and Way of Leadership and Management

In the words of DuBrin (2011, p. 364), “Donald Overcome is a power-oriented business head and celebrity with a brusque and autocratic leadership style. ” However , Trump also exhibits a lot of characteristics of charismatic leadership. Indeed, because Griffin (2011, p. 340) points out, Trump “is a great example of a charismatic leader. ” This individual could therefore be deemed both an autocratic and charismatic leader.

Individuals demonstrating an severe leadership style prefer exercising significant control of decisions made at several levels. An authoritarian head, Trump on a regular basis contributes to different decisions referring to not only the management although also the running of his businesses. As DuBrin (2011) observes, Trump is really detail oriented that this individual has been considered to be involved in decisions involving the number of the marbled type being used for hotel lobbies. In the popular Tv series, The Apprentice, Trump does not shy away from displaying who is in control. He wields absolute electricity and in so doing, he often salvages potentially topsy-turvy situations and thus successfully steers his clubs towards greater success. For this reason, one could determine that Trump’s autocratic management style has contributed significantly to the success of the Trump Organization. He therefore remains to be largely effective as a great autocratic leader.

As I include pointed out anywhere else in this textual content, Donald Trump also displays some features of charming leadership. Indeed, his one individual who draws in immense appreciation from quite a few fans via across the world. Over time, he provides managed to deal himself like a self-made billionaire who went up from economic ruin to relative achievement. For this reason, various people regard Donald Trump a larger than life determine (Griffin, 2007). It is this larger that life presence that enables him to inspire and motivate his personnel and enthusiasts. In simple terms, a “charismatic head must be able to energize others through a demonstration of personal pleasure, personal self-confidence, and patterns of success” (Griffin, 3 years ago, p. 340). A perfect example of an American success story, Donald Trump’s character inspires dedication and dedication from staff of the

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