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March 24th is Community Tuberculosis Time. Tuberculosis is actually a dangerous disease caused by a bacteria called mycobacterium tuberculosis, which affects various in growing countries today. It is generally found in the lungs, but in other parts of the body as well. It is a highly contagious disease that spreads throughout the sputum of an affected individual. The condition has been around since ancient time. It is a very insidious disease, at times sufferers usually do not even display symptoms, as the disease wreaks havoc inside body. Common symptoms of tuberculosis are fever, especially at night, a cough that takes more than three weeks and blood inside the sputum, chills and shivers, a loss in appetite and weight loss.

Due to this drastic weight loss, tuberculosis was also called consumption in the past, as the condition ‘consumes ‘an individual. Additionally, it soon received the status as a ‘writer’s disease’ due to the fact that many 18th and 19th hundred years writers led reclusive lives inside their homes, had low immunity. Deficiency of vitamin D also makes individual susceptible to tuberculosis. Writers such as Franz Kafka, Henry David Thoreau and George Orwell all passed away of tuberculosis. Many copy writers and poets often published about their sickness. One of the prevalent practices of treating tuberculosis was to mail patients to sanatoriums- places with clean air, away from cities. In fact , in colonial India, hill areas were created to accommodate sanatoriums and summer homes of British representatives. The climate of the mountain range helped many patients recover.

Today, the treatment of tuberculosis is done through a variety of prescription drugs. Many different kinds of medication receive together to focus on how the bacteria synthesize and reproduce. Yet , tuberculosis leading to bacteria are extremely resilient and form resistance to drugs very easily, which is why it remains important that patients stay regular with their medication. Sadly, many people discontinue choosing medication , as being a of the side effects are incredibly severe. It truly is for this reason tuberculosis continues to continue. In many countries tuberculosis treatment needs DoT, or Directly Observed Treatment, in which health service workers ensure patients take their prescription drugs.

Unlike the 18th and 19th century, tuberculosis not anymore remains romanticized as ingestion for copy writers. It is a somewhat preventable disease, so ensure that your child will get the BCG vaccine. Receive plenty of fresh air and sun light, as well as healthful nutrition. If a cough persists for more than 3 weeks, visit a doctor. Government authorities should suspend spitting in public places, as afflicted sputum is known as a surefire way to unwell. It is important to pay attention to our bodies, and what they are looking to tell us.

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