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The purpose of this executive summary is to provide an overview of the issue of the opioid epidemic inside the U. T. and how supply-side factors have played a role in the distributed of this pandemic. According to Pacula and Powell (2018) in the Journal of Coverage Analysis and Management, released at Rand. org, the opioid turmoil is a complex, multifaceted, and dynamic trouble requiring a comprehensive strategy for coping not just with the stock of addicted users who are in risk of overdosing, but also considering the movement of new initiates and escalators in misuse. This summary will talk about the background with the issue, the results of the research simply by Pacula and Powell (2018), available national data, suitable economic predictors, and 3 reliable and implementable recommendations.


The opioid outbreak has emaciated the U. S. in recent years. The U. S. Section of Health and Human Providers shows that 2016 alone, 116 people died every day from opioid-related overdoses (HHS, 2018). The problem stems from the climb of the pharmaceutic industry as well as its development, making and sale for prescription drugs which were highly addictive and so quite effective in alleviating the discomfort of individuals that for addicts they started to be a way of obtaining a high that then started to be something to get desired in and of on its own. This substantial has been an allure for most millions of people whom use prescription drugs illegally and abuse their own prescriptions in order to achieve a excessive from the medicines. The result has been a tremendous lack of life, a problem of criminal offenses, a problem of family destruction, and a problem of economic trouble as increasing numbers of people are becoming addicted to opioids and not stepping into the labor force to support their own families, communities and the overall national economy (Blackstone, Fuhr Pociask, 2014).

Benefits of the Research

The key findings of the research by Pacula and Powell (2018) will be that supply-side factors led significantly for the rise from the opioid problems. This means that the pharmaceutical corporations bear substantial responsibility in this problem because they were the methods manufacturing highly-addictive drugs and selling all of them at really cheap rates so that the market was oversaturated with them and so they became easily available to the community. The federal government also played a role in this go up as it backed health care that included prescription drug treatment and thus incentivized medical doctors to overprescribe in some cases. Pacula and Powell (2018) identify the following brings about their research:

· Opioids were promoted by suppliers to medical professionals, medical and medical center boards, and patients, occasionally with misleading evidence of their very own addictiveness or perhaps effectiveness.

· Declining medicine prices reduced the cost of prescription opioids as 1999, which usually led to increased utilization.

· Health care compensation rewards amount of services, creating an incentive for providers to overprescribe (Pacula Powell, 2018)

Another obtaining of the study is that whilst since 2010, deaths via prescription opioids have rejected, deaths of illicit opioids like heroin and fentanyl have increased dramatically inside the words from the researchers.

The models accustomed to obtain the effects include evaluating the supply-side factors of the opioid concern and reviewing the relevant printed data and statistics offered at the nationwide level to build up an understanding both these styles the scope of the issue and the ways that it can be effectively addressed. The researchers determined three key challenges for the opioid turmoil:

· New users of illicit street drugs usually be unsophisticated and thus in elevated risk of overdosing.

· Consumers of street drugs can be subjected to cutting agentsadditives designed to extend the supply of opioidsthat can easily heighten the risk of making use of the drug.

· Illicit opioids are more likely than prescriptions to be injected, creating the risk of

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