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1 ) Introduction The Cambridge License in British Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA), proposed by the School of Cambridge (ESOL Examinations), is manage in above 120 centers around the world in fact it is considered by many authorities as the most important kind of training in the TELF (Teaching English as being a Foreign Language) industry. Between 30th of August and 24th of September 2005 I attended the Cambridge CELTA program at English and Computer College (ECC) from Bangkok.

Cambridge ESOL is a not-for-profit department with the University of Cambridge. It really is part of the Cambridge Assessment Group, Europe’s largest assessment company. Cambridge Analysis was established in 1858 while the School of Cambridge local Assessments Syndicate (UCLESS). Cambridge ESOL provides exams and checks covering a large range of subject matter and levels with more than almost 8 million examination taken each year in more than 150 countries. English and Computer School was established in 1990 and is also the largest private language school from Asia, with more than 60 branches spread all over the country.

This runs a multitude of courses via general conversation and sentence structure to particular test preparation. It also delivers pre-service and in-service tutor training applications for local and non-native speakers of English. During the CELTA course that I joined, the instructors exposed the scholars (most of these teachers of English themselves) to the guidelines of successful teaching while the students attained a range of practical expertise for instructing English to adult students.

The study course included theory sessions, teaching practice with real students, observation of experienced professors and completing a range of practically concentrated written projects. The present conventional paper was developed upon one of those assignments. This can be a case study of your Thai youthful woman who had been a student within my CELTA educating practice lessons. The paper focuses on the learner in the learning circumstance and determines specific problems and suggests ways of working with the language problems that the evaluated student encountered.

The daily news ends with the rationale for the recommended actions and a general conclusion. 2 . Profile of the learner The student I chose to observe and interview was Miss P. 3rd there’s r. Her play name is Hier, and the lady comes from Thailand. She was 24 years of age at the time of the interview in 2004 and graduated via Busayarat Commercial School via Bangkok, with a degree in Computers more than a decade ago. She was studying English language ever since major school, once she was taught basic principles of the British language. In high school, her English professors focused generally on language work, and through her school studies the girl had a handful of classes of English weekly.

She had been studying British by their self and had used different terminology courses intensively since the year 2003. She signed up with the CELTA English classes at The english language Computer School in Bangkok on the thirtieth of August 2004. The lady attended every one of the classes, getting started with her 12-15 classmates 5 fold a week. Miss P. L. had an amazing personality.

The girl was often willing to experience the activities the teachers prepared for the CELTA English lesson by ECC. The materials employed by the professors during the lessons varied, which range from visual helps to worksheets, tape recorders, literature, and game boards. Each lesson the girl took portion in different composing, reading, listening, or speaking activities, yet she also enjoyed fun games.

When asked, she stated that she thought the focus of the English lessons was primarily on speaking skills. She considered the lessons at ECC relaxed, as well as the students experienced and wanted to have an enjoyable experience. She felt that the foreign teachers were friendly and they all got interesting individuality, which were shown in their teaching styles. The girl noticed that the teachers have different accents as well.

She opened up that a few of the teachers spoke too fast, and sometimes she needed to translate or perhaps explain the activities to her classmates. In her opinion, a great teacher must be kind and listen to every one of the students inside the class. She would like professors to pay more attention to the weak students and have in mind the fact that Thai learners are self conscious and do not love to express their particular personal thoughts. She thought it was a good idea for the teachers to force them [the students] to speak if perhaps they [the students] were reluctant to speak up in British. One of the main reasons so why she was so outspoken was the fact that she acquired the chance to speak English outside of the classroom to foreigners too.

Her educational background and her motivation were also important factors that built up her confidence. three or more. Specific challenges Her nationality was also important in her English learning context because Thais have a specific attitude regarding dialects. During my observations and interview I had pointed out that she made frequent errors in pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary.

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