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Legally, Prostitution is the sale for sexual solutions. The services may well consist of any kind of sexual acts, which includes those which tend not to involve copulation. While payment may be any kind of nonsexual consideration, most commonly it’s the form of “money. Prostitution has to be one of the “oldest profession in the world. Many people do the jobs they do only for the money, certainly not because they enjoy “the work enough to continue doing it even without a monetary prize. It is the offering or obtaining of the human body for sexual acts for hire yet excludes sexual acts between spouses.

It is the overall performance for hire high is an exchange of value, any of the following acts: Sexual activity; sodomy, or perhaps; manual or other bodily contact arousal of the male organs of anyone with the intention of arouse or gratify the sexual needs of the arrest or another. ( Sanchez and Agpaoa) The majority of the prostitutes come from the rank in the girls doing work in the hospitality industry.

Women in the marketplace are considered as an economic commodity and lovemaking merchanadise, which will bring in earnings. (Rosales) At present, women no longer dominate prostitution. There are also males who happen to be engage in prostitution. As author in Intelligence, call males call on right behind the backs and fronts of police force officers. Authorities are helpless against male prostitutes because of the absence of legislation that prohibits bold displays. It was noticed that the most of the call young boys clientele are definitely the gays and rich mathrons. Like call girls, these people are offering their particular sexual equipment for money. ( Reyes )

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The first bank account of prostitution in the Holy book is found in Genesis, where Judah ” one among Jacob’s twelve sons, descended from Abraham ” paid out the bride price, in accordance with Israelite personalized, for Tamar and provided her to his oldest son. Extended story brief, she ultimately went to the 2nd son, who have refused to copulate with her. Through no fault of her own, Tamar was sent back to her relatives in shame as a poor investment, since she produced no children. Determined to prove that the fault put with Judah’s sons, sheapproached his outdoor tents disguised and exchanged love-making with Judah for a goat. Tamar started to be pregnant, and avoided severe punishment to be a pregnant widow that shamed Judah and his daughters by disclosing keepsakes directed at the prostitute employed by Judah. Through prostitution, Tamar proven that it was her husbands who also failed in conception. As in Sumerian and Babylonian societies, there been around a hierarchy of prostitutes. The elitehetaerae ” a term usually denoting girl prostitute entertainers ” built substantially additional money, and had being freeborn; this meant that servant prostitutes were motivated to earn enough money so they could buy their independence and thus increase their income. However , the expenses of this upper class were greater: they offered symbolic gifts to the gods together to maintain fabulous bodies and homes. Besides reading, retaining physical magnificence consumed much of their time. The hetaerae also loved a cultural influence that far surpassed that of the non-prostitute ladies: some started to be famous for their particular clientele, others for their splendor, and they and the interactions had been often registered in some manner.

The pornai, however, could be both male or female and were attainable to all classes of males. Prostitution inside the Philippines is definitely illegal, although widely prevalent. Penalties selection up to lifestyle imprisonment for anyone involved in trafficking, which is covered by the Anti-Trafficking in Individuals Act of 2003. Prostitution is often obtainable through pubs, karaoke pubs (also known as KTVs), therapeutic massage parlors, brothels (also referred to as casa), streets walkers, and escort providers. In 2013 it was believed that there were up to five-hundred, 000 prostitutes in the Thailand. In her “Anti-Prostitution Act (Senate Costs No . 2341), Senator Pia S. Cayetano cites the number of women getting exploited in prostitution in the Philippines at this point ballooning to 800, 500 Prostitution began around Clark simon air basic since the early 1960s, when the base presumed importance due to the Vietnam conflict. During the 1971s, the main road of Olongapo had at least 30 girlie bars providing to the demands of U. S. Navy troops browsing Subic Nautico base. The location acquired the pseudonym “Sin city. The closure with the U. T. bases in these two locations did not replace the scenario much ” that only improved the customers. Fields avenue near Clark simon (Angeles) extended to increase as a middle of the sexual tourism industry, under the umbrella of “entertainment and “hospitality industry. The girlie pubs at Olongapo were shut down in a significant drive by the then governor Mrs. JaneGordon, however , that they only altered to the neighbouring town of Barrio Baretto which consists of a series of for least forty bars which will act as prostitution centers.

Prostitution caters to community customers and foreigners. Mass media attention tends to focus on individuals areas catering to sex tourism, mainly through pubs staffed by simply bargirls. Metropolitan areas where there is known as a high incidence of prostitution are Angeles City, Olongapo, Subic Bay, Legazpi, Albay, and Pasay City, with all the customers usually foreign entrepreneurs from East Asian and Western international locations. Prostitution in Olongapo Metropolis and Angeles City was highly prominent during the time of the U. S i9000. military Subic Bay Naval Base and Clark Air Base, correspondingly. When Support Pinatubo, a volcano, engulfed in 1991, that destroyed almost all of Clark Atmosphere Base plus the United States sealed it down in 1992. Some of the associated prostitution trade closed with it, nevertheless the mayor of Manila, Alfredo Lim, closed over the sex sector area of Ermita in Manila during his first term starting in 1992, a lot of the businesses moved to Angeles, locating a new customer base among sexual intercourse tourists. Other tourist areas such as Cebu have also developed a high-quality prostitution market. Studies estimate that a lot (40-60%) of tourists visit the Philippines intended for sex tourism. Online dating sites possess a large role to play in encouraging this kind of trend. A few girls sign up for the prostitution industry after they become sole unwed moms. The reasons for this vary between the unpopularity of condoms in the Philippines as a result of a strong Catholic church opposition it Poor / absent sex education, lack of a Sex recognition legislation and a feeling of machismo among Filipino males. This normally contains girls in the 17 to 19 years age bracket (Sex with a young ladies below 18 is a punishable crime in the Philippines, nevertheless it is certainly not uncommon).


This study aims to identify the causes and effects of prostitution in San Jose Delete Monte Bulacan. This reaserch want to know the causes and effects of prostitution in the society.

Specially, This examine will look for answers for the following inquiries:

1 . Precisely what is the account of the participants in Associated with San Jose Del Mazo Bulacan with regards to the following?

1 . 1 Gender

1 . a couple of Age

1 . three or more Civil Status

2 . What are the perception of participants around the causes and effects of prostitution existing in SJDM, Bulacan?

installment payments on your 1 Lower income

2 . 2 Environment

several. What do you believe is the biggest effect of prostitution in the world?

5. What will end up being the effects of having sexual intercourse which has a prostitute for the person who includes a disease?

4. one particular Acquired Defense Deficiency Problem (AIDS)

4. two Gonorrhea (GONOCOCUS OF NEISER)

a few. Why individuals are indulge for this work?

5. one particular Family

5. two Peers

5. a few Environment


The specialist assumes that:

1 . That the investigator ask a pertinent query and the respondent will solution honestly, really and accurately. 2 . Safety measures the human privileges of sexual intercourse workers and protects these people from fermage. 3. The researchers accessories certain other related reforms. 5. That the experts promotes the welfare, work-related health and basic safety of sex workers. five. That the experts got all of the necessary info from the respondents. 6. Which the researchers assume that the data gathered were most true and address. 7. The fact that researchers anticipate that the parents are aware around the case of prostitution of their child. 8. That the concern of prostitution the researchers must addresses to county officials.


The importance of the study cannot be unpopular for it means saving pprecious lives, fresh dreams and idealism; and setting

the future of the nation. This research is significant to the following.

To the Women. The respondent would be the center with the research; consequently this research will advantage them in order to diminish Prostitution. To the Males. For them to be aware for the problems ladies are show when it comes to prostitution topic. For the Researchers. The actual cause of Prostitution will help them to dig much deeper into the a result of this cultural problem. For the Youth. So they can have a basis also to help them to understand the importance of self-confidence. Towards the Law Makers. For them to include basis in enforcing regulations relating upon Prostitution. Towards the Parents. Parents must realize how important the origin of reassurance to the youths to become a Prostitute. The result of this study is likely to make them aware on the causes and effects if that they engage their child to Prostitution. To the Authorities Officials. This kind of study can serve as a wake-up phone to some regional officials who have might be negligent on their tasks and responsibilities to their make up. This will end up being the right time to aid the family members with monetary problems to put-up programs on income-generating so that they will not force of work. To the Foreseeable future Researchers. To allow them to have a subject to explore on Prostitution.


This research will give attention to the cause and effect of prostitution at City of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan. Specifically, the members will come in the residence of Tungkong Mangga, Sapang Palay and Muzon.

The constraint of the analyze will be on the factors which may contribute around the Causes and Effects of Prostitution on the contemporary society.


PROSTITUTION. The work of a prostitution, the action of having sexual in exchange for money. PROSTITUTE. To use in a way that is not appropriate or respectable and especially to earn income. PARENT. A person who is a father or mother, a person who contains a child. LOWER INCOME. The state of one who lacks a usual or perhaps socially popularity amount of money or materials possessions. HUMAN

RIGHTS. Rights, as flexibility from illegal imprisonment, torture, and performance. Regarded as belonging fundamentally for all person. EXPLOITATION. An act or fast of exploiting.

ABUSE. A corrupt practice or custom, improper or perhaps excessive use or treatment. Physical maltreatment. YOUTH. Enough time of life when somebody is youthful. A teen boy/girl or perhaps young man/woman. WOMEN. A grown-up female individual.

MAN. A grownup male individual

TRAVEL AND LEISURE. The activity of traveling to a place for pleasure.

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