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The entrance of DNV into the accreditation organization (in some perspectives, it truly is DNV’s entrance that makes medical center accreditation a business) delivers one more opportunity for clinics to attempt to distinguish themselves and the level of support and care provided as a result of their neighbours. The DNV maintains tighter standards of evaluation than are required by law in order to earn its accreditation, and performs annual studies and evaluations of all of its certified institutions – a feature which is neither required nor supplied by the different two certification agencies (Dow 2009). Clinics are already turning to DNV accreditation being a mark of distinction.

An especially attractive characteristic of the DNV accreditation when it comes to boosting a hospital’s image and competition is its adherence to the International Business for Standardization’s (ISO) top quality management specifications and methods, integrating these the accreditation standards in the Medicare Conditions of Contribution (Lee 2009; Curran 2010). This standard is already traditionally used in the worldwide health providers community, and generally entails penetration of00 of top quality and tighter control than current United States’ requirements for accreditation (Lee 2009). This has been a sizable part of DNV’s early success with it’s accreditation software, in that it offers an extra assurance (or by least the appearance of such a guarantee) of quality for hospitals that choose to turn into accredited simply by DNV. The additional level of proper care and control that is applied in each accredited service may vary, but presumably most DNV certified hospitals will be held to a higher standard of overall proper care and quality management than non-DNV approved institutions.


It is continue to early days to get DNV as well as United States medical center accreditation system. The full a result of their entry to the market will likely not be viewed for several more years, and maybe a decade. Sooner or later, however , most likely other certification agencies will arise, which competition for the creation of successful and competitive standards can emerge like a new element of the health care industry. The greater standards will be welcome; as for the rest than it, the nation will simply have to hang on and see.


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