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I based the beginning of my story on the physical although also mental journey a male goes on whilst he is on his own hitchhiking home. I experienced this was suitable for the topic travels and pilgrimages which likewise liked along with the book Chaucer.

As it is the beginning of a story the audience may really be any age. As it is a bit to amuse I would claim it is matched better to get the fresh. The purpose of my own story was to entertain persons, but also informing people about how a single man can hitchhike. In order for me to publish a story regarding hitchhiking I had developed to do some research in to the topic.

I discovered a book referred to as round Ireland with a fridge by Tony a2z Hawks which will really influenced me and helped me grasp the language way to use in order to entertain. To consider in with Chaucer and the approach he writes I have used stereotypes in my composing, for example I possess does the standard blond as being stupid and naive. I use also employed the idea about how exactly the people in Chaucer continued a journey. The man I write about goes on a quest by himself via Lancashire back in Bristol, in which he as well finds himself and discovers a lot more about the world around him. I needed to portray the man as being a typical Bristol lad, having a slight arrogant edge.

To do this I had developed to use a slight sarcastic possible vocal tone which I wished would likewise entertain readers. I as well used phonetic lexis to aid create a great idiolect with the man. I actually used a Bristol highlight and changed words like alright to ite and also ya rather than you. Which in turn changing his dialect to fit his highlight I likewise done this kind of with other personas in the tale, for example the Yorkshire girl this individual meets.

As an example when states Wheor are yee headin creates a impression of her accent towards the readers. The chinese language I applied was extremely informal and personal. It was as seen by from a person writing him self so the strengthen was incredibly calm nevertheless at times humorous. The framework was the typical story showing layout, with several large and small paragraphs, with a wide range of brief sentences to add emotion and feeling to the man. Okay, maybe not really. (after a line regarding wanting to satisfy his life) is a good example of the idiolect I applied from him, and shows how he results in as a basic man but with a funny interesting side.

I also associated my writing to The Highway by Cormac McCarthy. I had this utilizing the disaster in the father inside the road being a starting point of describing the person and his voyage hitchhiking with so little and all by himself.

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