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In many functions of literary works, the behavior of any character or a group of character types is encouraged by sentiment. In Chinua Achebe’s Nigerian novel, Things Fall Apart, Okonkwo is determined by the dread.

Throughout Things Fall Apart, Okonkwo’s actions come about because he is afraid of getting “A Woman like his father. Besides he act masculine to look manly towards the villagers, this individual does it to fulfill his individual conscious. Okonkwo portrays a short temper through this book.

Little things such as his supper being late and remarks regarding his hunting anger him, and bring about his beating of his wives fantastic son Nwoya. His prefer to appear macho often fogged his judgment. When the period came to destroy Ikemefuna, the boy who called him father, having been told by his best friend that he should not be a part of this because the boy researched to him. Okonkwo knew his good friend was proper.

When he, Ikemefuna and other market leaders of the tribe went to in a bad neighborhood to carry out the work, Okonkwo would not want the other guys to think that he was weakened so this individual cut down his own child.

Okonkwo’s actions were also motivated by the fear that his entire village will become weakened. After coming back from his exile in Mbanta, Okonkwo realized that the Christians were taking over. Unlike the rest of his group he wished to go to battle with these people and drive them away. Soon he realized that during his eight years in exile Umuofia had altered and no much longer was feared tribe it was once. Okonkwo ongoing to battle the inevitable. His actions were by no means able to support his village; his most detrimental fear acquired come true, they had become weakened.

Okonkwo suffers the consequences of his activities being encouraged by dread throughout Points Fall Apart. He damages his relationship together with his family, wonderful actions cause his final death. Okonkwo and his son Nwoye may never relate to each other. Both had totally different outlooks. Okonkwo was always trying to appear macho and trying to get Nwoye to appear not much different from the way. These things are not really important to Nwoye, and Okonkwo cannot understand why. He often conquer his kid thinking that it would get him to understand. If the Christians fundamental and were looking for new people for their church, Nwoye joined. He was just waiting for a good chance to keep his father. Okonkwo was also expatriate because of his strong desire to appear assertive.

The weapon that unintentionally killed his fellow villagers wasdefective but he continue to chose to take it to the council meeting so he’d not seem weak. As they brought a defective gun to the meeting and he accidentally wiped out a clansman he was exiled for seven years. Most of his desires for becoming the most successful and revered man in Umuofia went up in smoking, because his fear of being seen as “Womanlike clouded his good wisdom. His later death was also caused by his anxiety about becoming just like his dad. He wasn’t able to handle the simple fact that his village experienced changed during his exil. They had turn into weak and were no more willing to go to war. Okonkwo felt that he had alternatively not live than live like a female so this individual hanged himself. Okonkwo was unwilling to simply accept change which has been his later downfall.

Finally, Okonkwo’s fear of turning out like his father influences the overall work in three main ways. It leads to the story’s denouement. Okonkwo’s unwillingness to accept alter led to his death ultimately of the tale. He may never have been happy in a society wherever masculinity had not been important. He had rather not really live than live in a “Womanish community. Further, Okonkwo’s fear of staying unmasculine impacts Things Break apart by causing the story’s mood. Due to Okonkwo’s brief temper and unpredictability the mood of this novel was tense. Someone never knew when he was going to get crazy and defeat somebody or shoot at them. Finally, and most important, Okonkwo’s fear of being weak creates the story’s profoundest theme, “One must adjust to their environment.  Because Okonkwo was unable to accept the transform of his village this leads to his eventual problem. Okonkwo may never are in a town full of “Women. 


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