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We. Introduction JCS Technology is known as a small THAT company that is certainly owned by Steve Puzder. Steve utilizes ten employees of which six are fulltime, two are part time, and two are contractors.

JCS Technology has been around business intended for 5 years. All the workers have been with JCS Technology for your five years. The six fulltime employees happen to be paid an hourly rate along with completion bonus deals, the part period employees happen to be paid an hourly level, and the contractors are paid out per task along with completion bonus deals. JCS Technology has a little office and the most of the function is done outside of the office. There is one fulltime person in the office all the remaining employees job 95% of time outside the office.

Employees happen to be paid once a week with month to month bonuses. The IT field is always changing therefore JCS Technology offers education refund which also includes any checks that need to be taken up get qualifications that will keep the employees up-to-date in their abilities. Each worker has a firm issued laptop and cell phone.

Flex arranging is also provided along with one week paid out vacation. We are going to look at adding paid distance as most personnel have to visit get to the task site as well as the job site can change over and over again a day. We will also take a look at medical care even as don’t know what is going to happen with Obama Care. Then simply lastly we intend to look at a 401k. All of JCS Technology’s employees will be fairly young so we are going to see what going to decide on make this business grow as they grow.

I. Statement of Issues JCS Technology is a very small and youthful company which in turn does not have a high profit margin. Along with being a new company employees are also aged all solitary males. With only five employees and six are full-time Charlie has not explored a benefit bundle other than the things which are required to perform the tasks to complete their job. After taking a look at three different small IT companies JCS Technology seems to offer about the same benefits since his rivals. I did find that most IT companies provide some type of car allowance since there is a large amount of travel period.

I did a survey of all employees that Steve employs and found there are some rewards that the workers would like to see and others that are not of quick concern. I asked the employees to rank a group of benefits in order of importance to them. These types of benefits consist of more holiday time, bend scheduling, car allowance, health care, bonuses, and a retirement plan. II. Literature Assessment There is a broad variety of benefits that will be offered such as educational, family members, lifestyle, pastime, retirement, savings, and vehicles.

Other rewards that are necessary are Sociable Security, Treatment, unemployment insurance, worker’s payment, COBRA, and FMLA. Benefits are bonuses to attract and maintain good workers and are also a way of meeting the needs and wants of employees. An additional role of benefits is to provide income protection to workers lacking profits.

Five main types of income safety delivered simply by benefits will be: (1) impairment income substitute, (2) medical expense reimbursement, (3) old age income alternative, (4) unconscious unemployment income replacement, and (5) substitute income for survivors. (Dave Mote, 2011) Many customers make unique choices, stick to the advice of others, or select a plan which may include a particular medical group. A review was done of 1, 800 enrollees and patient in Iowa. It was conducted by Health Commence at the Fresh England Medical Center Hospitals, Boston, with a scholarhip from the John A. Hartford Foundation. non-e of the ideas received good ratings.

I think we’re headed toward more customer choice between competing well being plans, plus the choice will be largely based on survey outcomes such as this 1, says Paul Pietzsch, HPCI director. Blue Mix and Blue Shield of Iowa will be reviewing the study and would really like participate in an additional study yet would like to revise some of the questions. [ (Bergman, 1993) ] Do consumer-driven health care plans give you a more affordable medical insurance option? Myth experience it that CDH plans usually do not reduce the costs but rather shifts them. Data found that there was almost a 14% difference in support of the CDH plans he study as well showed that CDH programs do not cherry pick the youngest, natural, and wealthiest.

The data likewise shows that registration in CDH covers healthful along with chronically unwell. It also viewed two persistent conditions and showed that the medical costs tend to fewer for customers of your CDH plan. [ (Reindl, 2010) ] III. Concern Analysis JCS Technology is a small company that does not offer virtually any health care plans.

Dorrie feels that he is small businesses and perhaps have been hit by the recent economic climate and are unable offer this kind of benefit. With Obama care in the near future all of us looked at if heath care is something which can be offered now or in the near future. Now the duty credit is usually 35 percent of the cost that the company paid premiums that increasing to 50 percent in 2014.

Following interviewing the six fulltime employees of JCS Technology I found that health care is usually not a major concern of the men right now. Frank, Joe, and Sam getting the most well-known of the group stated that they want to have some type of retirement plan verses medical care. Jesse, Cody, and Richard being the youngest from the crew stated that they can would like more vacation time. Over half the guys explained they would like a fitness program.

All of the employees mentioned that they would like a car allocated as there is a lot of travel and leisure time linked to their careers. IV. Issue Analysis We intend to look into might be offering AFLAC in the place of medical care coverage right now. The employees are being paid out a moderate pay for how big is the company, however the men have indicated that they are definitely not sure about pay anything towards medical at this time.

We have time before Obama care goes into result so the males will begin to appear more heavily at heath care next year maybe rather than the bonus deals that they are having right now. Since all the employees have been with all the company intended for five years we look at adding one more week of getaway also we may also give the men a chance to buy extra vacation times. We are going to consider the gas mileage that every of the workers are getting with the car and look at obtaining a company gas card intended for the crew to use.

If the gas mileage is definitely low usually then we will figure out a fair amount to pay every mile that every employee hard disks on regular monthly bases. Subsequent we are going to take a look at a fitness program for the employees. Since all the employees are young and man we are going to retain the services of a nutritional expert and add a quit smoking plan. We are going to look into the local recreation center plus the local gyms to get the best present for subscriptions for all the staff this will have the or perhaps employees.

Versus Issue Alternatives After some research we certainly have found there is wide range of medical programs. Instead of try to set up a company program we checked out individual ideas. The ideas run via 93 us dollars a month for a very high deductable ($10, 000) to $610 a month for the low deductable. The men will be young and healthier, but are traveling for about thirty percent of their time. It will be nice in the event the men had a health care plan just in case but can we offer the excessive deductable with the company paying the premium or perhaps offer a decrease deductable with the employees having to pay part of the superior.

When questioning the men they were doing not want to give up any spend to get better health advantages. If the business stops the bonus plan then there exists room for a few health care. Whenever we stop the bonus program the men will probably be up-set while each one of these people as indicated that they tend not to want to stop any money intended for health care.

Greg, Jesse, Rich, and Cody said that they might really like an exercise program, Honest, Sam, Terry, and Plug said that they will like a car allowance of some kind. All of the men expect for Rich and Joe would like more vacation period. None of the men are interested in a pension plan. Five of the males smoke in support of two want to quit.

With little impact to the main point here we can put in a fitness program. For the men that wish to stop smoking cigarettes we are going to offer them and motivation to reward them after them doing one year of non-smoking. VI Solution as well as its Implementation I have discovered it hard to work through a plan that most the men will be happy with. With an annual earnings of 50 dollars, 000 plus a year the men are quite content the way everything is as far as all their salary will go. As of January 1, 2012 the company will not be offering achievement bonuses that will equal to about $5, 000 a year.

Each man will probably be offered a yearly membership rights to the health club of their decision. The men that smoke will be offered help to give up smoking. We certainly have decide that if the men are interested in a health care plan that they can get one on their own and the company will pay 50 percent of the high grade up to $3, 000 12 months.

Each of the males will be given a hundred buck a month gas allowance even as we found that each person drives about 500 miles per month. Those employees that select not to obtain health insurance the company will reimburse 50% of their car insurance as a substitute. We have didn’t add anymore paid getaway time at this present period but we are going to offer a acquire vacation time: each employee will be able to acquire three getaway days on the rate of $50 per pay period. The men will be giving up a little when it comes to the bonus that they will not longer receive yet Steve and i also feel that we now have come up with a strategy that everyone can live with.

VII Justification Charlie really wanted to try and offer his men the best things that he may and items that would make any difference to each one of many men. The boys that work intended for Steve are like family to him and he tries to make his company one that each gentleman can take pride in working for. We dropped that we required what each person had to claim and used it for the decisions that individuals made. The boys really would not want to give up any funds that they were making but we think that what we are providing will make up any money that individuals may took away. We all looked to find out what the changes would price the company as well as the benefits with each the company plus the employees and feel that all of us did the best for everyone.

VIII Reflection Ending up in Steve and his employees was very enjoyable. I have certainly not had the chance to meet with an organization and discuss things that can change a year or more of your person’s existence. The thought of making life changing decisions for someone else is definitely pretty terrifying. You make an effort to make everyone happy however you can’t you have to make the best decisions for the business. If you make the wrong selections for the company it may be devastating.

I’ve learned that it could be wonderful in case you could please everyone which in turn for a small company like the one that I looked at it can be possible but not probable. Huge companies need to look at the final conclusion where I believe that a lot of smaller companies may have lee method in their thinking. All the males that work intended for Steve had been get in providing me their honest give food to back with what they would have got like see happen with their benefits. I had to take a step back and prevent and think what was perfect for the company in the long run.

I wanted to give the men the actual were seeking but then I knew it was my personal job to do the best thing intended for the company. I understand that it was a company00 that I worked with and a greater company will probably have more issues to look at and I look forward to the afternoon that I can put to operate what I have learned in this class and doing this project. I realize that my own research will not end below because there are so much more benefits i want to take a closer look at.

Including the tax credits for medical care and other credits that global companies receive.

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