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Task design can allow for work sharing. Persons will talk about knowledge with coworkers in the event the work design and style allows it. “Management can design jobs to influence variables just like autonomy, task identity, plus the degree of feedback the employee receives” (Foss, 2009, p. 872). When an employee receives reviews from their employer, they are very likely to share that feedback to employees in order to better them as well. The goal of this article is to understand the relationship among job design and style and staff knowledge writing.

Knowledge Showing

“Knowledge sharing is a relational act based on a sender-receiver relationship that incorporates conversing one’s know-how to others and also receiving others’ knowledge” (Foss, 2009, g. 873). Know-how sharing enables improvements among all of the people who engage in know-how sharing.

Work Design

“Job design is the real job framework that identifies the relevant jobs and activities and allocating them across employees in a manner that allows the business to experience benefits from field of expertise, as well as bundling job duties to take into account possible synergies between task” (Foss, 2009, l. 873). Work design is definitely the way the job is done and making sure the best employee for this task can be handling that. When the work is designed very well, employees have an overabundance trust in one another and their managers.

Types of Motivation

“Different types of motivations can lead to different overall performance qualities” (Foss, 2009, p. 874). You will find external and intrinsic motivators. “External motivation means that an individual engages in a hobby to attain a good or to prevent a negative exterior outcome” (Foss, 2009, p. 874). These types of motivators generally include a incentive, a praise, or avoidance of a abuse. When there may be external determination, the individual typically feels pushed to improve. (Foss, 2009, g. 874) Intrinsic motivation requires doing a task because it is in accord with the individuals intrinsic interest and private values” (Foss, 2009, g. 874). Inbuilt motivation is the reason why an individual feel good about themselves. Individuals that will be motivated intrinsically don’t think as forced as outwardly motivated persons.


The analysis found that intrinsic motivation affects obtaining and mailing of knowledge, introjected motivation has a impact on mailing of knowledge, and external determination is insignificantly related to getting knowledge. “Intrinsic motivation provides a very strong influence on knowledge dispatched, introjected motivation has a slightly weaker impact. External determination is in a negative way related to the extent expertise sent to acquaintances. The reason could possibly be that individuals who engage in knowledge sharing to get external causes strategize more on their expertise sharing by simply sharing the number of knowledge showing by writing the amount of know-how required to obtain external benefits. ” (Foss, 2009, g. 887)

What I Discovered

From the document, I learned that the design of work, can improve knowledge showing. When expertise sharing is performed, the organization may improve as well. From phase 14, I actually learned that this is of work is usually perceived differently from person to person. You will discover different ways to job design and style. Some new problems are going to light with technological developments. Some of these job issues consist of: telecommuting, alternative work patterns, technostress, and skill development. (Nelson, 2013, p. 240)

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