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A monologue from your play by Aristophanes

NOTICE: This monologue is reprinted from Aristophanes: The 9 Comedies. Trans. Anonymous. London: The Athenian Society, 1922.

REFRAIN OF WOMEN: Nay, never perform the fearless man, else when you go at home, your personal mother wont know you. But , special friends and allies, initially let us place our burdens down, then simply, citizens most, hear the things i have to say. I possess useful lawyer to give our city, which in turn deserves this well at my hands to get the amazing distinctions it includes lavished on my girlhood. In seven years old, I was bearer of the holy vessels, by ten, We pounded barley for the altar of Athene, next, clad in a robe of yellow silk, I was small bearto Artemis at the Brauronia, presently, grown a tall, good looking maiden, installed a pendant of dried up figs regarding my neck, and I was Basket-Bearer. Therefore surely We am bound to give my personal best advice to Athens. What is important that I was born a woman, easily can cure your misfortunes? We pay my own share of tolls and taxes, by providing men to the State. However you, you unpleasant greybeards, you contribute nothing to the public charges, on the contrary, you have wasted the treasure of our forefathers, as it was called, the treasure gathered in the days of the PersianWars. You pay out nothing at all in return, and into the bargain you endanger existence and liberties by your faults. Have you a single word to talk about for her?… Ah! don’t irritate myself, you there, or Ill lay down my slipper across the jaws, as well as pretty large. By the blessed goddesses, in case you anger myself, I will let it fly the beast of my own evil interests, and a very hailstorm of blows will set you yelling to get help. Arrive, dames, off tunics, and quicks the phrase, women need to scent the savour of ladies in the throes of passion…. Now merely you dare to evaluate strength beside me, old greybeard, and I warrant you youll never eat garlic or black coffee beans more. Zero, not a term! My anger is at a boiling level, and Ill do with you what the beetle did with the eagles ovum. I have a good laugh at your risks, so long as I use on my side Lampita here, and the noble Theban, my special Ismenia…. Pass decree upon decree, you can apply us no hurt, you wretch abhorred of all the fellows. So why, only yesterday, on occasion in the feast of Hecate, I asked my friends and neighbors of N? otia for one of their children for which my girls have a lively likinga fine, excess fat eel to wit, of course, if they did not really refuse, almost all along of your silly decrees! We shall never cease to suffer the like, till someone gives you a neat trip-up and fractures your neck for you!

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