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Jimena is a 13-year old teen who during the last three months has been experiencing despression symptoms. She dampens herself coming from everyone and therefore, “she information feeling down. ” Your woman may experience happy although that only lasts a few moments and immediately goes back to feeling depressed. The girl no longer engages in her favourite hobbies, including “playing piano, spending time with her puppy, and visiting the movies with her mom. ” Jimena’s depression has been causing her academics to visit downhill. Though Jimena gets her good night sleeping, every early morning she feels “really tired. inches Jimena’s tiredness is affecting her everyday responsibilities. She tends to think and feel negatively about their self, “feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness. ” Someone who has despression symptoms, tends to have got suicidal thoughts and Jimena states “she has bad thoughts. ” Jimena has also knowledgeable social anxiety. Jimena is only going to speak to particular individuals, including her members of the family. If her mother makes her talk to an unfamiliar person, “Jimena will cry, or perhaps become extremely angry, refusing. ” At school Jimena will try to avoid ingesting at the cafeteria, she says “she won’t fit everywhere. ” She actually is afraid to make friendships with peers by her university, she states “they are mean. inches When in unfamiliar conditions, where Jimena feels she’s being looked at, she reports “feeling sick. ” Jimena’s mother states these problems have been completely on going “for about three to four weeks. ” Someone with social anxiety disorder in line with the DSM-5 need to have approximately six months.

Medical diagnosis (DSM-5):

1 ) Major Depressive Disorder

Relevant Developmental Issues:

Jimena has just about moved into the teen years, therefore several of her behaviors can be quite typical during her stage. Every time a young person turns into a teenager, they tend to become more independent. The majority of teenagers be a little edgy towards all their parents because they want more freedom. Young adults tend to want their own personal privacy and begin to detach using their parents. Therefore , in remedy it will be essential to speak to the fogeys that it is typical for a teenager to have these behaviors. I ought to keep in mind that teens can be moody and might not want to speak, therefore it will be important to establish connection. During the adolescent stage quite a few are now experiencing new things at school, including drama and breakups. Consequently , in therapy it will be valuable to underline the importance in order to cope with those problems.

Therapy Goals:

1 . Learn to share feelings to boost positivity about self-worth and lessen the habit of isolating their self in a room.

installment payments on your Meditate for a couple of moments each session, to relax and very clear mind.

3. Begin doing one activity at a time, just like her favourite hobbies and talking to good friends.

5. Create a plan to build up her school grades for academic success later on.

Course of Treatment:

The first time Jimena came in with her mother I attempted to establish connection. We spoke about what your woman likes to carry out, her preferred movies and hobbies. Once i established a good rapport with Jimena, I decided to speak to her mother about the importance of understanding teen behaviors. Additionally , I tackled what Key Depressive Disorder is and how to be generally there for her girl. This included how to give her space, but concurrently to let her know that she’ll always be there on her behalf. During the early sessions My spouse and i taught Jimena how to meditate. Before starting every session, she’d meditate for a couple of moments to unwind.

The next measure was to offer Jimena a book in which she would write down her feelings. At first Jimena believed this was not gonna help her and that it had been a waste of time. I make her aware that we would try this schedule. If your woman felt this did not job after a couple of sessions, i quickly would support her the new way. I began by requesting her queries such as, “What is it you happen to be feeling at this time? ” “When you feel unfortunate, what do you do? Or perhaps what do you think of while you are sad? ” Jimena’s thoughts were quite negative, (e. g., “no one enjoys me, inches “I’m never going to succeed, ” and “I should just stop, I’m a failure. “) To alter her adverse judgements, Jimena and I came across positive thoughts to replace them. For instance, anytime she experienced that no one likes her, she will say, “I include a mom and a family who adores and cares about me. inch When she thinks she is going to not be able to do well, she will declare “I am smart, and i also can do anything I put my mind to. ” Jimena felt that her state of mind was normal, for that reason it was challenging on her behalf. After a handful of more periods, Jimena was making a few progress upon replacing her negative thoughts to more positive.

Getting a day at a period, Jimena and I would embark on some of her favorite interests. First, we played Keyboard. Since I was unable to show up at the movies, I assigned her homework by which she would enroll in the movies with her mom. It was in Jimena’s and her mothers’ interest to make her school grades. Jimena and I came across a advisor to help her get back to normal. Jimena claims “meditations include truly allowed me to when I need to relax and clear my mind. ” The majority of the sessions had been done by itself with Jimena, but it was important that her mother will be involved. It absolutely was important for her mother to be involved because it could show Jimena that your woman cares and wants to help. Also, her mother would see the kind of activities Jimena and I might engage in, and so at home she could continue therapy. Jimena is gradually recovering plus they both accept continue coming to therapy.

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