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A pastry chef or pissier (pronounced: [pɑ. ti. sje]; the correct France female type of the term is pissière [pɑ. ti. sjɛʁ]), can be described as station cook in a specialist kitchen, skilled in the producing of pastries, desserts, bread and other baked goods. They are employed in large accommodations, bistros, eating places, bakeries, and several cafés. A professional pastry chef presents a non traditional French croquembouche. The pastry chef is a member of the classic escouade de food in a professional kitchen which is the train station chef from the pastry office.

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Day-to-day procedures can also require the pastry chef to analyze recipe principles and develop and test new recipes.

Usually the pastry chef does each of the necessary preparation of the different desserts beforehand, before evening meal seating starts. The actual plating of the sweets is often created by another stop chef, generally the Surveillance manger, during the time of order. The pastry chef is often in control of the delicacy and toiletries menu, which usually besides traditional desserts, can include dessert wine, specialty sweet beverages, and gourmet cheese platter A pastry chef’s job is interesting, challenging, creative and complex.

Of course , you create great breads, pastries and puddings. But they must be beautiful—artistic presentation is somewhat more important for sweets than for any other section of the meal—people want something that is a feast because of their eyes as well as their palates.

Qualities of a Good Pastry Chef

A fantastic pastry Cook has selected personal qualities, specific expertise and specialized skills.

Personal characteristics

Pastry chefs need to be organized and detail-oriented. Producing desserts typically requires many components that needs to be assembled independently and then helped bring together to produce the final product. Every component has to be scored precisely and added in the correct way and in the correct order. Great pastry cooks are very prepared. Pastry cooks are hard working. Cooking can start as soon as 3 or 4 was. Pastry cooks work long hours and they use many of those several hours on their toes. It takes strength and durability to do the effort of a pastry chef. Imagination is an important top quality, more so than for any various other type of cooking food.

For example , Executive Pastry Chief cook Roland Mesnier was the Light House pastry chef pertaining to 25 years, creating all the great and gorgeous desserts for each White House gala and state meal. In all that point, he never served precisely the same dessert 2 times. Now, which creativity. Persistence is definitely a virtue for a pastry chef. Puddings can require extensive preparation—and the people who order the desserts can require extra patience, as well. It’s also great to have a sense of humor; laughter is known as a gift which enables patience much simpler.


To be a good pastry chef, you may need an understanding in the scientific guidelines behind the craft. You may using perishable and vulnerable foods and will need to be familiar with biology of food safety. There’s a chemical basis for the way particular foods are mixed. You need a great understanding of nourishment and of individual physiology. You also need to know the fundamentals of design—how to create visually appealing desserts. Skills: There are many skills you will acquire because you learn to be considered a pastry chief cook. How to evaluate correctly, the right way to mix and blend. Certain food preparation approaches. How to make food visually appealing. Plus people skills, administration skills and business skills—all necessary skills for the pastry chief cook.

Education – Finding the Right The baking / Pastry School

There are numerous different educational opportunities to decide from if you would like to become a pastry chef. You can get a diploma or certificate, generally in less than 12 months. This gives the skills and knowledge to get an entries level position. A co-employee degree will give you more abilities and more basic education. You’ll probably qualify initially for the same positions as a diploma or degree graduate, but as you gain experience you’ll have more advancement options than the diploma or degree graduate. If you want management, Executive Pastry Chief cook or instructing, you should consider eventually getting a college or advanced degree. What ever level of education you decide on, it’s important to choose the right program. The main things to consider when you are comparing culinary programs will be the faculty, the school’s certification and the establishments.

Faculty—culinary faculty should be many chefs who have the correct education and industry experience to teach and mentor people who find themselves entering the profession. Accreditation—you’re looking for American Culinary Federation, Cordon Bleu or other acknowledged culinary accreditation. Facilities—you should certainly learn to make in a specialist kitchen with industry-standard products. Some extra considerations will be the kinds of sensible experiences readily available, the availability of flexible or perhaps part-time organizing if you need it, finances, college student support providers and profession placement companies. Read my personal article in choosing the right culinary school to suit your needs. The same advise holds true with pastry colleges.

Career Alternatives

Pastry many chefs are not limited to baking loaf of bread and producing cakes. There are plenty of career alternatives open to you. You are able to work in a bakery, cafe or patisserie. You can open up your own organization. You can become a food vit or article writer. You can teach. You could even become Exec Pastry Cook at the White House. Pastry chefs happen to be in demand and perhaps they are paid well. The more education and encounter you have, the greater money you are going to make. Experienced pastry many chefs make upwards of $60, 000/year. Pastry chief cook or Cook de Patisserie is a wonderful job choice for anyone who is artistic and logical, sensible and innovative. It’s a profession with abundant opportunities—making rich, wonderful and beautiful sweets.


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