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From the essay ‘What You Eat is Your Company by Radley Balko, this individual shows a powerful opinion of what should be public expertise and what should stay private. His determination on obesity not being public health makes people re-think what overweight is, the government’s part in it, and how to start fixing it. Though Balko isn’t the only author having a strong belief on this subject matter, he stands apart because of the approach he captured the reader’s attention.

He does this by challenging what people today consider is just common knowledge. Balko uses logos by giving the title for any TV special where insurance plan makers, overall health specialists, and media are involved. Balko also mentions quite a few senators as well as the president that also written for the cause of stopping obesity. Through the use of logos and after that stating ‘In other terms, bringing federal government between you and your waistline’ this brings in the application of pathos.

Instead of encouraging the use of many powerfulk people on this problem, Balko does the reverse.

It can work in offering emotions by simply causing visitors to think. When people think about this, they will either acknowledge that government should be included or they are going to lean to Balko and think that unhealthy weight is a personal matter. Either way, the audience probably will get disappointed with how a government achievement too nosey or how Balko makes them the enemy. The audience is more likely to trim towards what Balko is definitely stating as a result of his tendency opinion for the matter. The way in which he catches the audience is by bringing self-reliance into his words: ‘For decades today, America’s health care system continues to be migrating toward socialism. The well-being, shape, and state have more and more been considered matters of “public health,  rather than matters of personal responsibility’.

These types of sentences get people to react since America relies off of self-reliance; and if the group starts to believe that their power over their own lives are slipping aside, then they can fight against it. Although Balko really does do a best wishes in getting people’s attention and making them trim closer to his side, he can bias. Balko enlarges the evils of public health, to where he does not mention good sides than it. If this individual did talk about how having public health worked in by least one of the ways, then what he says about the wrongs than it would have more logic and reason.

Persons without a opinion opinion for the matter check out both sides and weigh the advantages and disadvantages. So in the event he included something good about public health care then he would become more creditable to get his article. Balko’s essay is very interesting and encouraging. From his writing, his best quality is usually capturing the audience’s interest. He records the audience together with his whole dissertation and will keep them examining by his opinion on the matter. To be a writer persons believe that you must have passion so that you write, and Balko absolutely does.

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Balko, Radley. “What You consume Is Your Business.  Cato Institute. N. p., 23 May 2005. Web. 18 Sept. 2013.

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