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SFAS 116 and SFAS 117 were created to improve liability among not-for-profit and govt entities. These types of improvements should certainly simplify the structure of financial statements by causing them understandable to both financial and nonfinancial market. SFAS 116 establishes the accounting specifications for advantages made and received. Almost all entities that will make or obtain contributions must report the contributions received at reasonable market value since revenue in the period through which they were received. Likewise, any kind of contributions made must be acknowledged at fair market value but since expenses inside the period through which they were built.

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It additional requires that not-for-profit organizations classify contributions that maximize net assets as either permanently restricted, temporarily restricted, or unrestricted (FASB, 1993).

SFAS 117 concentrates on the external monetary statements pertaining to not-for-profit organizations. The purpose should be to “enhance the relevance, understandability, and assessment of financial statements issued by those organizations (FASB, 1993) and “requires that all not-for-profit organizations offer a statement of financial position, statement of actions, and declaration of cash flows (FASB, 1993).

NFPs are required to survey net property broken down because permanently restricted, temporarily constrained, or unrestricted in the affirmation of financial location. The amounts of change for each classification likewise must be split up in the declaration of actions.

The declaration of cash flows must also today contain donor-restricted cash which is used for long lasting purposes as being derived from auto financing activities. Virtually any welfare and voluntary overall health organizations need to report on the statement of functional expenditures the function and all-natural classifications of these expenses (FASB, 1993). Every not-for-profit and government organizations must follow these statements. While the person accounting procedures may be challenging, they will assist to promote monetary accountability andtransparency within these organizations.


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