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Excerpt by: Latashia Weston First Work Poem – Edition 1: “next to of course god america i” “next to naturally god america i” At the. E. Cummings A Good Man Is Hard to look for Short Producing: Paraphrasing a scene via a enjoy Revised Operate Short Fiction – John Updike – “AP” Short Writing: Explaining […]

Love and a lack of time the sonnet from

Poems Sonnets are traditionally 18 line poetry written in iambic pentameter. They often stick to either a Shakespearean, Petrarchan, or Spenserian vocally mimic eachother scheme, or they can contain a mixture known as a diaspora vocally mimic eachother scheme. Often, sonnets are about issues such as mortality, love, time, and nostalgia and have a shift […]

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