The Causes of Missing Children in Malaysia Essay

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Consider, why carry out children get missing? For what reason this problem arised? How to overcome that? In my business presentation I will solution all the questions. To start with, lets seem the definition of family.

Family members can be defined as the collective body of folks who stay in one property, and below one brain or administrator; a household, which includes parents, children, and servant. A child to be considered as missing if he is absent from his/her place of residence wihout authority to a degree or in circumstances where the absense causes concern pertaining to safety from the child or there ia potential hazard to the general public. Missing children in malaysia is not really a normal concern.

A total of 6452 kids were reported missing since 2004 until Come july 1st 2007. the majority of them are women below 18 years old. Normally, the reason their missing are always related to run from home. Just several circumstances involved abduct, and sexually abuse. So why this problem arised? The initially causes can be family problems.

Family challenges can be with regards to financial problems, misunderstanding with family members, lack of intention in addition to search of freedom. Financial problems took place in a poor family numerous children. They want moneys to survive in their life.

Parents are busywith all their works to get money. They do not have sufficient time to use with their kids. Children become alone and pressure and thus they work from their house to get freedom. The other causes wants job opportunities. Most of the kids were absent are kids in the 14-17 age group since several of them can be of school going age.

That they not interested in studying, so they trying to find the job to get the money thus they can get anything that they like. The third causes is influencing by way of a friends. Influenced by close friends can give a good and unwanted side effects to these people. Based on absent children cases, most of the children were missing because of subsequent their mate. This is because that children think that their fan can give them freedom and better life.

It can not be denied which the number of cases might actually be greater than what is reported because families may be embarrassed about confirming such cases. Other triggers such as misunderstanding with family members, lack of goal, in search of liberty, abused in the home and etc.

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