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Betjeman writes of a variety of spots for example country, urban, coastline etcetera. Both the poems I use chosen will be Slough and Middlesex. Contrary to Slough, Middlesex is more of your gentler poem, which mirrors Betjeman’s thoughts of how country Middlesex accustomed to be. Betjeman has no memories of Slough but knows he detests it. In Slough Betjeman describe demonstrate fake the town is.

In Middlesex this individual tries remember his thoughts of the small town. Slough generally seems to keep their rhythm through the poem where as in Middlesex the beat is fast but then decelerates half approach through. Anybody can clearly see that Betjeman will not like Slough as he says in the first line, ‘Come, friendly bombs, and fall on Slough It isn’t fit for humans now, ‘ ‘Friendly bombs’ is surely a contrast because bombs cannot be friendly.

In this case the bombs are friendly because according to Betjeman Slough should get to be bombed because it is so awful. The verse contains a jaunty rhythm. Slough is not really worth saving. You can clearly see his hate for Slough in the initially verse. He wants the bombs to blow up Slough and so there is absolutely nothing left typically because of all the canteens, which in turn serve tinned foods.

Within the next verse, Betjeman is saying that people are becoming man-made because we are eating artificial food; there is no more fresh food to be ingested. One can observe this view in the next passage: ‘Come, bombs, and whack to smithereens Those air-conditioned, bright canteens Tinned fruit… Tinned minds, tinned breathing. ‘ He now has absent from referring to the town and now talks about the meals sold in metropolis, how that’s changed by being organic to tinned which is the new ‘now’ foodstuff. One can almost feel Betjeman’s anger mainly because Slough is promoting into this kind of a disappointing town.

This individual makes the level that it needs to be bombed because it is so awful. In the next and 5th verses Betjeman talks about just how much he hates capitalists, the way they always be unfaithful and earn. One can tell this when he describes the man as repulsive. He then would like them to undergo as they trigger so much pain to females as stated in the fourth verse: ‘… Washes his repulsive skin In women’s tears, ‘ He would like the bombs to fall season on them and make them experience pain rather than the women you can see this because he says in the fifth verse: ‘… And break his hands so used to stroke… And make him yell. ‘

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