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Edgar Allan Poe’s view on poems is that all poems must be a creation of magnificence. In his eyes, depression and sadness is definitely beautiful.

This individual thinks which the death of your young amazing woman is definitely itself packed with beauty. Poe’s way of natural beauty is a original compared to various other poets and writers. In both “Annabel Lee” and “The Raven”, Poe writes about this alleged beauty. In “Annabel Lee”, a young gentleman is mourning the death of a gorgeous young lady. However the woman had died quite a while ago, the man is still in melancholy.

This individual misses her terribly and constantly believes of how the lady was the lady was unfortunately taken from him by the angels who were jealous of their like, and by her family who also didn’t believe the he himself was capable of bringing her to a final resting place. He cherished Annabel Lee more than some other human may love one more. “And so , all the night-tide, I lie down by the aspect of my personal darling, living and my bride, in her sepulcher there by the sea, in her tomb by the aspect of the sea. ” This kind of quote reveals how much this man liked her, by sleeping following to the tomb every night. In “The Raven”, a man, most likely older than the person in “Annabel Lee”, mourns the fatality of his love whom he referred to as “Lenore”.

Lenore, like Annabel Lee, had died many years earlier. In “The Raven”, man listens to tapping on his chamber door and views the drapes slowly unsteadiness. He feels that it could be no aside from Lenore. However for him though, it is only but a bird. A sizable, black fowl known as the Raven.

A raven is usually represented as anything dark and sinister. Throughout the poem, the man is suffering from his shed love, Lenore, who went back in the form of a Raven. Even though the men during these two testimonies are similar since they the two mourn because of their loved ones, they are also different. The man in “The Raven” may be sad regarding his misplaced, but his love cannot compare to those of the man in “Annabel Lee”.

In these two short tales, the two primary characters, as mentioned before, are very much alike, yet concurrently different. They will both lose the woman with their life and so they both are even now in mourning. Poe’s poetry are usually regarding such misery, woe, anguish and misery, and it is this kind of that makes his poems fabulous.

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