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A. Attention: When planning a BBQ GRILL, how most of you have ale somewhere on your shopping list? M. Relate: Dark beer, is the most extensively consumed alcoholic beverage, and there is no doubt that it’s probably the most beloved of all man’s discoveries. C. Credibility: I enjoy ingesting beer, therefore researched the subject. D. Survey: Brief great beer, important ingredients inside the brewing procedure, what happens to your body when you beverage.

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1 . History: Beverage is as aged as world itself.

A. Old history

1 . Old Sumerian’s; 4300 BC

2 . Valued over cash

several. (Ancient Encyclopedia of History) Bad group = too much water B. FF to after history

1 . twelve hundred AD; in a commercial sense established Germany, Austria, Britain 2 . (Yuengling website) 1829 Yuengling founded; America’s oldest brewery several. 1933, ale prohibition ends.

M. Today

1 . (Brewers Association) you, 900 breweries in 2011

2 . Earnings of $196 billion

3. (StatisticsBrain. com) 67 billion can lids consumed; reach moon 20 times

So , now that you have a brief history in beer, I will discuss the main element ingredients in the brewing method.

2 . Crucial Ingredients: Malted Barley, Hops & Fungus all play a major role in the making process.

A. Malted Barley

1 . Basic wheat; cereal, loaf of bread, baked goods

2 . Mashed into oatmeal-consistency

3. Sugar rich “Wort used up off

B. Hops

1 ) Boiled with “Wort

2 . Kinds add tastes, aromas

3. Distinct times, creates different sodas

C. Yeast

1 . Put into mixture; lowers & levain

installment payments on your Yeast converts sugars to ethanol & CO2

3. Ethanol = intoxicated, CO2 = bubbles.

Given that you know the fundamentals of producing, we learn what happens to your system after having beer.

3. Intoxication: Human body can tenderize approx. you beer hourly depending on the power of the beer.

A. Abdomen

1 ) Alcohol consumed by stomach & small intestine

2 . Enters bloodstream

3. Moves to the human brain

B. Brain

1 . Cerebral cortex; decision making & feelings

2 Cerebellum; harmony & skill

3. Medulla; involuntary = breathing, temperature

C. Hangover (HowStuffWorks. com)

1 ) Ethanol diuretic; pee more = dehydrated ” head aches, fatigue installment payments on your Alcohol; abdomen lining sama dengan nausea

3. Harmful particles; byproducts of fermentation.


A. Transmission ending: To recap…

B. Review: Beer has a rich history, key materials are added in, ingesting too much brings about intoxication. C. Ending: To quote Homer Simpson, “Here’s to Dark beer, the cause & solution to every one of life’s challenges. 

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