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Q: 1 Performs this advertisement told me? Yes it can.

It is advertising campaign by TAPAL family mix. I learned from this include that how we live in our family? As well as how to do esteem others. And also tells the importance of a as well as relations which might be very important for everyone. This advertisement tells that relations and happiness the complete house.

This is important for each and every to know how to make a family and the way to live in a family especially for ladies this is very knowledgeable advertisement. Queen: 1 b) What did you get from this ad? I know using this advertisement about a happy as well as the importance of any complete friends and family. And how they live in a joined friends and family with like and proper care. This advertising campaign conveys a note to young generation to complete respect the elders.

Queen: 1 c) Where you can apply this awareness? I can apply this consciousness at my residence, to do the respect of my elders and love with my own younger’s, and also take care of my children members. And informed my buddies that they should also see this kind of advertisement and learn the laceracion that steps to make a complete home. Q: a couple of Does this ad claim whatever?

Yes it does. It claims that TAPAL family combination is a finish tea, besides making a complete residence or friends and family. That’s how come most of people who find themselves emotional they will targeted to acquire this product.

Q: 3 Performs this advertisement make use of pressure selling? Yes it can do. Because it targeting the feelings of people.

Focus on our family and inspired specially girls who also are hitched and want to amazing and complete home. Use some content that display pressure offering. Q: 5 Does this ad fulfill the criteria of organization ethics?

Certainly it does since the language which will used in this advertisement is good, which is not mix the limits, and we see this kind of advertisement with the family members. This advertisement reveals the positive influence on people. General environment with this advertisement excellent and we study so many things out of this advertisement, this kind of advertisement displays our culture and spread a note that how to live in a family group, and produce a happy friends and family. www. youtube. com/watch? v=ekHv1IY9_Bc.

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